Finishing off crocheted bathmat

Completing my campervan rugcraft project

I have nearly completed the crocheted rug from old clothes I cut into thick fabric thread! The clothes I used to create this bathmat were too far gone to donate, and I don’t think folks on a fixed budget need to be offered torn, bleach-spotted, worn or stained clothing. Furthermore, I don’t want to waste a charity’s time or money transporting clothing that volunteers will only have to throw out. Throwing what could kindly be termed garbage into an op shop bin is just plain insulting to everyone involved. I am so grateful I have the luxury of time to spend diverting some material from landfill, but even so, I am probably not really helping…it is all a bit very, very depressing to think about sometimes.

Back to thoughts about crafting as opposed to conscious consumerism, ultimately, I needed a new bath mat and don’t have the money or inclination to visit a home furnishing store!

And so, after stitching the crocheted pieces together, I used the same gray wool I used to sew the discs to single stitch around the edge of the rug. Fairly pleased with the colour choice and how it turned out, reminds me of a galah’s colouring.

Crocheting a rug out of thick fabric

The underside of the work is a hot mess as usual.

Underneath a crochet project is a hot mess

I tied the long ends together  (I like to build a lot of redundancy into my rugs) and cut them short. After that I added some crocheted single stitch edging around to finish the mat off. The corners are not squared off, but I wanted this effect and if you have crocheted the discs flat, those jutting edges shouldn’t curl up because of future wear and tear.

How to reuse unwanted textiles divert from landfill

Crocheted textiles craft project tiny house

Feels good underfoot also! Best possible outcome. Took three evenings to make and the steps were easy.

How to make a reused fabric crochet rug of your own:

1. Crochet the most of the circles.

2. Crochet remaining circles, arrange and stitch together longways.

3. Attach long pieces together, weave in loose ends and crochet edging.

Crocheted textiles project reuse fabrics

Crocheted fabric bath mat crochet wool edging


Parts one and two of the travel rug project;

Crocheting rugs and travelling in Spain

A fast crochet rug using t-shirt fabrics

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