Crocheting rugs and travelling in Spain

Creating artworks in a tiny space can be challenging

I am missing being able to access to an artist studio. I think that travel and creativity go hand in hand but space is tight. There is basically no desk/floor/wall space for working and for the storage of works. Currently, I am alleviating this feeling by focusing on the functional for the immediate future, sculpting the land around me a little, the occasional sketch and journalling. 

Quick and small (mainly crochet) projects are obviously better – I share this space with someone else so there cannot be too much clutter around. At the end of the evening I can pack all my tools and the half finished project into a shoebox and stow them away!

I need to make a new bath mat. Size should be around 50 x 40cm. It needs to be strong, flexible, able to lay flat on the floor and should be created from reused fabric materials. Thought I could crochet discs and connect them (somehow) to make the mat.

Frogged back mistakes crochet textile experiments

First aborted attempt. Work is too busy, and the edges immediately started curling up as I had not planned the number of stitches correctly. Single colour discs would also be simpler. Frogged this back to nothing and started again.

New plan: one colour per disc. After this small change, the mat started coming together a bit more smoothly. I knocked out five, laid them beside each other and it is obvious that this new crochet plan will work out better.

Pink white rose coloured crochet fabrics

Crocheted fabric discs travelling making rugs

I knocked out quite a few in the first afternoon. Will possibly be spending an evening or two on Pinterest figuring out how to connect these discs together.

If anyone has any recommendations let me know!


Reusing old fabrics by turning them into rugs is something I do more or less biennally. I even documented some previous attempts here;


Green & Yellow Bedroom Mat

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