Summer daze somewhere over the rainbow

Inspired to make ruffs recently

So I made something with epaulettes! Some kind of dancing body harness with dangly raindrops instead of tassels and a rainbow fringe around the shoulder pads.

Alligator stitch provided the texture for the epaulettes. Used a basic amigurumi technique to shape the raindrops. There’s a couple of silver ribbon ties with raindrops that tie under the armpits to keep the chest piece in place during movements.

It’s easy to wash and comfortable, I would love to get some feedback about how it stands up to being worn during circus acts or performances, and flow arts techniques like hooping, fans and poi 🎆🎇🌌 I feel my art is made to be part of a greater art, a performance of life! Excited to see what the future holds for it.

Also featured; mushroom waterbottle! Nice little matching accessory to go with the rest of the look. Wool matches wool though, so that keeps it simple.


Ukulele cover

Colourful crocheted croptops and bralette

Hypercolour and navy wool parasol

Feed the stash?

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Making a bender

New building skills

Been busy making benders over late autumn! This one’s cover has since been taken down but I think the frame is the real secret work of art.

Paul Klee once said a line is ‘a dot that went for a walk’. Building on this, string is a line in three dimensions, rope is simply yarn but big and a branch is just very stiff rope. I have found this understanding makes building benders very achievable.

A bender in this instance means a low, simple dwelling built from bent poles with a floor and a covering thrown over for protection from the elements. There are several sites with a more comprehensive history of benders and instructions on how to build your own bender available outside of this blog. Good luck and happy building! 💕

You can see that we have had tarps, hessian and carpets on the floor which has killed the grass, but we are going to leave it and see what impact this activity has made. There is a chance that the willow will sprout over spring, looking forward to seeing if I can create an living bender out of this frame!

In the bottom left corner is a prototype rocket stove I knocked up with local clay over two afternoons. The chimney is facing toward the wind, an issue I hadn’t considered when building it. Unfortunately, this means it can’t be used in a closed-up bender safely but as this is the first one I have ever made I guess I made it more for an understanding of rocket stoves in general.


Other sustainable living projects;

Cooking nettles

Land art

Seaweed foraging

Making preserves

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Crocheted and found art jewellery making

Making winter crafts for summer days

These are my latest efforts combining wool and metal. Crocheted amigurumi beads backed onto earrings, rings, and necklace chains makes the sculpture more portable. Combining soft wool sculptures, metal hardware and malleable plastic beading wire is a soothing and meditative practice.

The rings, chains and keychain clasps are all found art, trying to keep it sustainable.

Eye See You earrings

JellEYEfish keychain

Triple bead Amanita Muscaria necklace

Eye Scream You Scream silver hoop earrings with dangly red pom-poms

Glazed custard doughnut with purple sprinkles

Quarter watermelon dangly earrings with matching tassels

I can’t stress how satisfying it is to make these small projects. The other day I was cleaning up my kitchen and I heard a buzzing sound from near my neck. It was a wasp, in my hair! A very stressful moment. Afterwards, I was feeling dizzy so I say down and crocheted a little jewellery pouch, and it completely calmed everything down. The wasp was gone, I was fine, a bag was made. No need to keep thinking about how that wasp got there in the first place.



I’ve been inspired to make a lot of festival and statement jewellery of late.

Amethyst found art ring and chain mail

Other amigurumi jewellery

Crocheted chain links

It takes a lot of time and not a small amount of wool to imagine, plan out, experiment, fail, adapt, and create. Can you help keep the yarn flowing?

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Found art jewellery

Making wearable found art

Hand assembling one-off jewellery pieces, made with found velvet, brass, stainless steel and glass.

Hand sewing pompoms (with bells) onto the back of a vintage black velvet choker.

Black velvet and colourful pompoms!

All the bells work too 💖


🛠 Chainmail cuff and hand wear 🛠

🍍 Pineapple dance wear🍍

💍 Support independent craft this festival season through the shop front @Depop 💍

💝 Support independent craft more directly through PayPal 💝

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Shaggy-delic crop top

Long-sleeved statement dancewear

Made a second in my series of yellow and blue shaggy crop tops. Putting my newfound hand – shagging skills to good effect.

Long sleeved and lush ❤ it’s lightweight for all the fluff, great to keep that evening chill off.

It’s possibly still available through Depop, new, unworn except for photos. Everything is handmade, and this colour combination of wool has been discontinued. I can’t find enough wool to make a repeat! It is a totally unique, sustainably made once-off piece of wearable art. Eschew fast fashion if you can ❤🌍🌎🌏❤

Aiming for a triptych. Let’s watch! 🤓


👘 The sister top, a shaggy yellow and blue long sleeved bolero 👘

👙 Other handmade festival, rave, free party and bush doof crochet clothes 🍄

Depop shopfront

Help keep the site running (and the yarn flowing)

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I, of Providence

Recent developments on Depop

I had a lot of good vibes and feedback crocheting over last summer’s festival season. It compelled me to try Depop. I need to make things and share creative joy with fellow creatures. For better or worse, it’s a major aspect of my identity!

Having things available through Depop is a way to reach more people and touch more of the world with wool and crochet creativity.

Below are a few examples of the crop tops and bralettes available. There are also jewellery, jackets and plushies! It is wearable art and gifts for trippers, dancers and lovers.

If you’ve got the dough to support my little bubble of independent artistry, thank you so much! Words cannot express how much I appreciate your patronage. Find me here.

If you’ve got any collaborations/commissions ideas and are liking the look of my work, I’d love to hear from you.

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Chainmail and velvet chokers

Linking it all up

From exploring many charity shops in the UK I’ve found a lot of costume jewellery which I have incorporated into some recent chainmail making endeavours.

Yggdrasil forms the heart of this chainmail and black velvet choker. There are diamantes studded around the outside edge. Amazingly for a found treasure, all the diamantes are still in place!

All hand linked with four green hanging satin tassels for balance and sway.

The chainmail that cascades over the collarbone was securely sewn link-by-link to a vintage black velvet choker.

Vintage jewellery and silver metal links designed and hand assembled. Very excited for other jewellery bits and pieces in the tacklebox! Have so many more chainmail plans with different coloured links for the future…🛠❣🛠

The chainmail choker with tassels and Yggdrasil motif is available to purchase directly via Depop.


Crochet jewellery – earrings that don’t pull your lobes off

🛠 Can you help keep the pliers going? 🛠 Donate direct to PayPal here.

👁Depop shopfront

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