Stash necklaces for festivals and parties

Autumn crochet for summer days future

Making more stash necklaces! I love that I can have a quirky concept and bash one of these necklaces out fairly quickly. They are small so it’s a satisfying experience (mainly I enjoy holding a finished product in the palm of my hand 💖)

This one holds Tabasco sauce! It’s also fun to create adorable and functional things.

I call this one a Jellystash at the moment.

And now for a breast!

These are currently available through Depop, or message me directly if you have any other ideas. I’ll see what I can do!


Festival ready parasol making, parts one and two.

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Cat eggs

Making cat egg holders

Kitsch things are so great. I would never have thought to put a cat on an egg!

But I did think to make them more portable. They’ll be more protected in the future from knocks and scratches aswell ❤

Crocheting over vintage cat eggs: a very small, very quick winter crochet project.

Cat eggs! I only found two so it’ll be a limited edition run.

Probably make the pair into little magic mushroom necklaces (for non- smoking BFFs)


Groovy 3D pineapple bikinis

@kellymarietheartist on Depop

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Heavy metal crochet, handcrafted linked chains

Crocheting chains

Looks complicated but it’s alright, once you get into the rhythm of the links and linking them together.

It’s a nice juxtaposition, soft amigurumi crochet stitchwork, with all the fluffiness and warmth that implies, and the cold hard links of a metal chain.

Here they are being modelled;

These are available to purchase via Depop.

Related: other three dimensional crochet from the past….

Crocheted ukulele case (part three of a three part series)

Amanita muscaria fairyring rag rug

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Shagadelic Sesame Street inspired bolero, completed!

I am done! Finished my shaggy wool shrug. Loving the Big Bird and Cookie Monster bright blue and yellow.

Ties up with tassels at the bottom.

La-di-dah! I’ve posted the shaggy bolero for sale on Depop, £75 + £10 postage and handling.

See you on the dancefloor!


Festival parasol

Statement jewellery

Ukulele cover

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Shagadelic short coat

I made a coat!

It’s a hypercolour woolly shaggy heavy – fringed bolero or short jacket. It doesn’t close at the front (need to work on that) but I added tassel ties on the bottom, now it closes in a super cute psychedelic trance – dance kind of way.

I didn’t have a mannequin and I don’t take selfies well, so here’s a series of work-in-progress shots where I’ve pranced around self-consciously while trying to operate my phone. Enjoy!


Selling on Depop now! Check out my store if you like what you see here! (@kellymarietheartist)

More functional festival crochet…

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Crochet Fly Agaric Bags

Magic mushroom accessories

I’ve been mulling this problem over for awhile, how to crochet a lighter holder necklace that looks like a magic mushroom. I’ve recently cracked the problem in my own way, by turning the mushroom cap into a sliding bead that goes down around the top of the clipper.

So then, to access the flame, you just slide the bead up!

This lighter holder is currently available through Depop, or message me directly if you have any custom colours or mushroom designs in mind.

Fly Agaric Water Bottle Holder

I have also made a much larger, drawstring version to hold my water bottle. Great news is that the mushroom cap bead at the top is so large, it can double as a pillow!

🍄 Amanita muscaria colours match a lot of different outfits aswell! Dress them up or down. 🍄

*mycological nerd note; in case anyone was wondering why these mushrooms don’t have the annulus or cortina that is typical of Amanita muscaria. These are juveniles – out of the primordia stage but the gills are yet to be exposed.

Depop shop;

I make a lot of things.

Understandably, my tiny house – style van life doesn’t allow for having a lot of things. So, I’ve got quite a few bits of crochet clothes and festival accessories available to purchase on Depopand at the time of writing, I am posting new items daily.

Check it out if you are keen on functional, colourful, comfortable, totally bizarre and custom outfits and enjoy supporting independent artists! 🌈


Fairy ring amigurumiand rag rugs

More fungal-ly themed crochet – Humine spongiform, 2011.

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Crocheted Eye of Rainbow Providences

All Seeing Eyes with a twist

Crocheting rainbows and mixing them up with eye-of-providence symbolism. Liking the results!

Still working out the right arc ratios of the rainbow, but the experiments are worthwhile.

Many rainbow ideas on the boil are the moment.

Adding these to the Depop store as I make them, they make really great jacket patches but I am honestly running out of jackets and bags of my own to put them on!

Related work;

Cloud-themed All-Seeing Eye(on a jumper)

Jellyfish jacket patch

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