Boomtown Weekend

And Boomtown goes the dynamite!

Getting busy at Boomtown Festival currently. Locked in onsite and unable to get out to get to a post office, sorry everyone! Making the Radical City look a little bit more radical with my shaggy jackets and parasols in most* colours of the rainbow….

Boomtown is one of the big ones so I’ll be back to my regular festival wear flexes and crochet how-tos over the next few weeks.

So again, here’s a gif of me happy dancing in the mostly-made pastel rainbow vest, one shoulder to go and I can see at this point it is coming together well. Watch me twirl! Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

Thanks so much for bearing with me, festival season is just so busy! I needed to schedule a few things just to give myself breathing room.


I handmake everything. The above jacket was a commission job but please check out my Depop shop to see the ones you can buy directly, or email me if you have something even more custom and bespoke in mind….

Heaps of stash mushroom necklaces still available too. Different colours to match you and everyone else in your squad!

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All Together Now weekend

In the All Together Now!

Just kidding. Unfortunately I don’t have any updates for any real posting this week, I am at the All Together Now festival and won’t have a second to sit down and share anything extensive.

So I have planned this dancing diversion for you instead. Hope you like it OK!

I am still mailing orders from the Depop shop, but I might take a bit longer to make my way to the post office (I send everything on a tracked service).

I will be unlocked and able to leave the site next Tuesday to head straight out to get your goodies posted to you. Email me directly if you have any questions about the timeframes, I will get back to you as soon as I can!


More shaggy crop tops and jackets than you can shake a stick at!

Magical mushrooms that hold and elevate your clipper lighter to something beautiful and functional!

Amigurumi wearable art

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Kendall Calling weekend

Kendall Calling is …calling

Festival season in the UK is in full swing! Just putting up a mini-post this week. By the time this is published, I will be locked into a field at the Kendall Calling festival.

I know I won’t have a spare second to think or even scratch my bum, so instead I have scheduled a gif of me dancing in a vest I was working on earlier this year. Enjoy! (Hopefully.)

Will I see you there? Keep an eye out for a brightly coloured and fluffy figure clutching a crocheted parasol! Xx


I can make you loads of festival wear! Whether you are planning on going to DownloadIllusive, Woodford Folk Festival or Rainbow Serpent, anytime of year, anywhere you are, I have you covered and can ship to you! Some examples;

Jellyfish stash flasks

Fringed crop tops

Crochet patchwork denim jacket upgrades

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Aquatic shag coat

New day, new creation

I wanted to make something a little bit oceanic, a little bit beached mermaid, something a little bit seaweedy…calming colours for a cosy jacket to wear in the psyforest this summer season!

So I rummaged through my stash for all the blues and greens! Teal, cyan, mint, sky blue, navy, emerald, Kelly green, aquamarine, and cerulean blue….

I used a bit of each of the planned colours to create the checks so I would have a template to follow while I was adding the shag. Shagging the jackets gets very repetitive, and I can develop a kind of highway hypnosis, but for crochet. This sometimes means that when I wake up out of it, I have done a fair bit of work in the wrong direction.

I need to keep an eye on the time spent making. As much as I love it, I do have other demands on my time, like a partner who can be left feeling ignored after the fourth straight day of head-down-hands-busy-no-time-spare-to-feed-myself. They are very patient but they do have a point. Being with an artist is sometimes…not a lot of fun.

The checkerboard pattern that I’ve worked into the base has helped a lot with managing my time.

I sometimes think I should get one of those old-timey punch-in-punch-out machines like factories sometimes have so I can clock how long it actually takes to make things. I don’t know where to get one or replacement cards! That is very low on my to-do list, so if anyone reading this can point me in the right direction I would be grateful.

Anyway, the thing is now made, it took a few days, but I don’t know how long I actually spent on it. Here it is before I finished weaving in the ends and trimming all the strays and extra long bits.

The coat in action:

And now for some gloriously produced professional photos!

Photographer: d.i.n.o_p.h.o.t.o

Model: lxzza.pearson

As of the time of this writing, this coat is available on Depop. I used a lot of discontinued and hard-to-find wools to create this one. This is truly a one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art, I will not be making another one of these in exactly the same colours. My practice makes it difficult, if not impossible, to create repeats so rest assured that you are getting rare and exclusive pieces. (As well as supporting ethically-made sustainable art from an independent creator.)


Making stashware for festivals, parties, and everyday casual wear.

More shaggy coats, vests and jackets! 

If you like what I do, support my practice if you can. Show some love for the independent, gallery-free arts here…

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Eye got you covered

…this festival season!

In anticipation of summer, and because crochet is a compulsive habit, I have been busy on the wool and steels.

This has led to a lot of wares available on the wee Depop shop. Like most of the items that have been appearing weekly on this blog of late, they are handmade, one of a kind wearable art pieces.

As well as the rainbow woolly wearables available, in my travels I have collected a handful of bizarre vintage treasures. Sometimes, as in the case of the kitty-cat stash eggs, what’s on Depop is a heady blend of the above two categories.

I have included a few of the examples of the jewellery that I have available below. It’s a bit weird, a bit woolly, and guaranteed to be the only ones of their kind that I make!


I also have an Etsy shopfront if you prefer to go there for my Amanita muscariathemed clipper lighter holders.

If you’re interested, you can watch my learning journey of crochet and wearables by wallowing through the archives. At this point, there is almost a decade worth of sewing, crochet, jam making and rugging available to peruse!

…and if you have the time and money to support creativity and elevate the handmade above fast fashion, you can kick me a few dollars here. Every penny means a lot to me, and thank you so, so much for your support! Xx

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Crop Top Triptych

The Yellow and Blue series

I have finished my modern triptych of shaggy crop tops. Here they all are in a little collection for your perusal! These are the first long-sleeved, fringed, shaggy and crocheted wearable anything I ever created. I found a couple of big spools of yellow and blue wool from the craft section of a Save the Children op shop, and there was enough material to crack out three of these beauties!

There’s a long sleeved supercrop, a waist-length bolero-style cardigan with ties and a fringed poncho that heavily utilises the granny square treble crochet concept to form the chest and sleeves. That one also has wings!


I have been making shags for nearly ten years, I started out with fairy-ring rugs and wall hangings. Go back in the way way back machine (…all the way back in 2011) and see how long I have been in love with reusing textiles.

Have a look at the I, Of Providence Depop shopfront if you’d like something one-off and wearable!

Thanks for your support. If you like what you see, and would like to see more, you can help support the creation of more low-impact, ethical and slow fashion here.

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Granny square crop top

Greyscale granny stitch super cropped top

In grey this time, a treble stitch crop top! It utilises the basic idea of a granny square, blown up and developed to be worked around the body. I really enjoy making patterns!

It is super short, but with long sleeves. I have tried to put a lot of thought into the pattern and make it with useful features for the wearer. It is so short, because I want the wearer to be able to keep their organs cool after they get too hot from dancing, but the long sleeves are to keep the nighttime chill off their arms, back and shoulders.

I made the hood extremely large – for dreadlocked hairstyles, or hairstyles with giant pieces installed – flowers, horns, crowns, whatever! If the hood is not up it can be pulled back and over the shoulders in the style of a shawl.

There’s a tassel at the end of the hood, that is because I like tassels, making them and putting them onto my work makes me happy. The fringes are there to look and feel good! And give the crop top a liiiiiiiiiiittle bit more length, at least to cover the nipples!

I have been busy over autumn and spring, and I am running out of room in my tiny studio! Apologies for the confusing mass of wool in the photo above, but I am also not sorry. My whole life is a confusing mass of wool all the time, it’s just reality.

Here is a couple of pictures where you can see the hood in action;


I have been making a lot of wearable art over the last year. I have a store on Depop if you are interested in acquiring a one-of-a-kind piece of art that you can also wear. Every stitch, every thread of fringe is imbued with love! I pour my heart into every design and I make my own patterns, there are no repeats…

If you can assist my creative processes with a few dollars here and there, I also have a PayPal page. Every penny received goes straight back into the creation of beautiful and truly unique objects, and I cannot say thank you enough for your love and support!

You can also contact me directly if you have an idea for a commission. I enjoy hearing from people that like what I do!

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Dreadlock beads

Crocheted beadwork for dreadlocks and braids

I love learning how to make new things! Although when I crocheted these, it was not so much picking up a brand new technique, but adapting a style I have previously discovered.

The latest experiment (that I reckon has turned out pretty well) are a handful of dreadlock beads I’ve made from leftover wool scraps and some found object art pieces: nazar beads, wooden skull beads and dismantled jewellery parts.

I have included a size perspective photo below;

….and a variegated pink set that used a little bag of heart charms! The gold one was the odd one out but I think it makes the whole set a little more unique and special.

Found objects and op shop wool, my favourite! And an art practice that is environmentally sustainable!

All wools and beads used are once-offs, so these are truly one-of-a-kind bead sets for your one-of-a-kind dreadlocks.

My own braids are mainly wool and I switch them up about every 3 weeks (or take them out completely to swim in the sea), so I can’t really justify putting them on myself. They are available in my Depop shop in brand new condition if you are interested!

I also ship internationally and my books are open for commissions! If you live close by, I can tidy your dreads (crochet-style) and install them for you also.

Contact me directly if you have different colours in mind and I will see what I can do!

Much love, thanks for reading xx


Find them on Depop!

I crochet all kinds of things including ukulele covers!

If you would like to kick me a dollar or two for coffee and wool, I would appreciate it more than you could ever imagine. Making beautiful things can be a lonely and time-consuming business.

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Save the Children Craft Workshop

Pompoms, tassels and Walcot St, Bath

Recently, the Save the Children Bath charity shop kindly invited me to host a workshop in their store where I taught a few lovely people how to make pompoms and tassels. After starting the workshop I was so busy and excited to be making things that I took no more photos, but I did take a few at the start…

Here was the pop-up shop they very kindly allowed me to set up in their front window!

What a riot of colour and texture! I was very excited once the woolly goodness had finished exploding out of my suitcase…

There’s a few chainmail bits and pieces thrown in as well for extra dazzle, and they even let me dress the mannequins! Big thankyous for the Bath branch of Save the Children, for supporting local artists and DIY culture.

Had a really nice afternoon and met some really cool people of all ages. Also had some very interesting conversations – one woman refused to partake in the workshop because as a child she had to darn socks before being allowed outside to play. Because of this, as an adult, she has no time for woolcraft! That is a bit sad to hear, but I can respect where she is coming from.

I also had a lovely conversation with a lady who is looking to take up knitting of an evening instead of drinking wine. Bless! I would recommend. If your hands are busy with the steels it is harder to smoke, drink, or compulsively pull out your hair.

Everything on display is also available through Depop*. I can also ship internationally as needed.


I have so many more shaggy coats available…

Sizing is around 8-16 depending on the style (best to check the measurements I use myself as the mannequin and I am looooooooong and change weights seasonally)

Older workshops – rugging, felting, rope macrame. It’s been nice to have a little trip down memory lane.

*(as of the time of this writing)…

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Finishing the pink phoenix parasol

Cover made, it’s time to finish the brolly

Introducing the parasol I am loosely referring to as the Pink Phoenix. This is because it has risen from the ashes of a boring and broken brown rose print umbrella, and is ready to spread its wings and fly gloriously throughout the summer!

What festivals and fields will it travel to? Will it attend weddings and picnics and parades, sheltering the bearer, gracing them with a delicate dappled sunlight across their shoulders? What will happen when a crocheted wool umbrella visits a beach?

That is the future though. Currently, there are a few bits to finish off. First, I need to strap everything down. The photo below has everything tied in but not tied down.

Once fully stretched with the knots firmly tied, I also tie the cover in the centre at eight points, securely to the ribs. This keeps it taut for when I start to put on edges to attach the fringe.

This bit of fringing was a bit more challenging than usual. Because the wool I was using varied in colour throughout the skein, I didn’t want to put the whitest wool immediately beside the most pink and ruin the pattern.

To solve this, I cut off the pieces in batches and stored them carefully in a row for use throughout the fringing process.

Once fringed, now it’s time to put on tassels. There’s an obvious spot near the tip that has 8 crocheted loops to attach 8 tassels made with the last of the parasol wool.

The very end has a trio of pink pompoms on a string, for extra luxury fluffy nonsense 💕

After the tassels, it’s time to create the holder! That’s a story for another post though.

Thanks for reading!


Ukulele covers

Previous parasol projects

Support future parasol projects

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