Vintage tins and magic mushroom pendants

New stash pendants

Modified my lighter holder design to fit a chubbier shape. I only made two of these, to fit the cat eggs I found and have written about previously.

They work in the same way the clipper holders I make work; a small pouch and a sliding bead.

Black cat and white cat pair! The flexibility of single stitch means that the eggs are firmly secured in the bag, but are also popped in and popped out fairly easily.

Looks like someone also learned how to ‘make’ a gif or two recently! πŸ˜„

The reds are slightly different, and one cap is a bit thicker than the other because I used two different red wools.

Currently available through Depop, white cat and black cat separately. Contact me directly if interested in purchasing a BFF pair for you and your bestie ❀


Depop storefront – handmade festival, rave, free party and fantasy wear

Donate directly to PayPal here: every cent is wildly appreciated and keeps the patterns flowing!

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Rainbow Eye of Providence

Rainbow kaboom!

A little of Masonic art and a little bit of Pink Floyd…

Rainbow crochet and my love of All Seeing Eyes combine into a cardigan.

This was the Plan:

Work in progress shots ahead! Took them to illustrate order of placement.

Been up late on this one. Excuse my feet please.

I made a mistake and had to unpick and rearrange a few pieces.

I think this is the best way to keep the design centred while sewing each part on.

There is a secret stash pocket but I’ll only reveal where to the person I pass this onto.

Shop plug;

By the time this post is live I should have the cardigan live on Depop, available to purchase πŸ’Ÿ

Lots of other handmade festival goodies and vintage items still potentially up for grabs too!

Link; @kellymarietheartist shopfront


Eye of Providences galore! I cannot help myself.

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Some pretty groovy stash necklaces, baby

Stash necklaces for lighters, lip balms, vials and vibrators

Making Amanita muscaria mushroom necklace holders-of-things. I build them to fit a standard size clipper, but they can fit around a few different items. It’s functional festival wear! Lightweight, hard wearing, and easily washable.

I’ve hand embroidered the cap scales onto the surface using the French knot, so each mushroom is as unique as you’d find in nature πŸ„β€πŸ„

I also went to the trouble of making a video but just cannot get it to load! So I am throwing up my hands and instead, will link to my Depop page and the direct listing where they are currently Β£9, plus postage and handling. There’s a video there if you are keen, and takes about 16 seconds to watch.

Sneak preview;

Related (and pictured below):

Handmade parasol

Shagadelic jacket

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Rainbow crop top

Crocheting rainbow crop tops!

Another day, another crochet creation…crop top this time. Grey cloudy background, rainbow chest piece!

I have included a pair of stash pockets, one in each cup! Enough room for a Β£20 note, a housekey and a couple of phone contacts scribbled on a bus pass…snappy bags too, but stay safe guys! And hydrated 🍼🍭🍬🍼


Crochet crop tops for festivals and raves

Doll costume for Brief Encounters performance

Granny Skull Pencil Skirt

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I have learned how to chainmail over the summer

This is a basic weave, historically for making shirts that deflect overhand sword and axe blows. Puncturing weapons such as arrows and pikes can penetrate if they find a lucky spot in between the links. Generally, weapon edges were smeared with poop so even the smallest cut could be fatal. I also picked up some nasty history during the lesson!

Steelmaiden taught me at this year’s Herstmonceux medieval festival. A very skilled and patient person with heaps of metalwork knowledge and experience. They are available for workshops too!

We started out with a very simple bracelet. Steelmaiden kindly supplied me further linkage to blow the sides of it out, so I turned it into more of a gauntlet.

At this point I had gotten the hang of this weave.

Now that I had the knowledge, I brought one side of the chainmail over my hand into a hathphool-inspired triangle, linked to a ring.


Other jewellery (but crochet).

Wearable art through Depop.

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Stash necklaces for festivals and parties

Autumn crochet for summer days future

Making more stash necklaces! I love that I can have a quirky concept and bash one of these necklaces out fairly quickly. They are small so it’s a satisfying experience (mainly I enjoy holding a finished product in the palm of my hand πŸ’–)

This one holds Tabasco sauce! It’s also fun to create adorable and functional things.

I call this one a Jellystash at the moment.

And now for a breast!

These are currently available through Depop, or message me directly if you have any other ideas. I’ll see what I can do!


Festival ready parasol making, parts one and two.

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Cat eggs

Making cat egg holders

Kitsch things are so great. I would never have thought to put a cat on an egg!

But I did think to make them more portable. They’ll be more protected in the future from knocks and scratches aswell ❀

Crocheting over vintage cat eggs: a very small, very quick winter crochet project.

Cat eggs! I only found two so it’ll be a limited edition run.

Probably make the pair into little magic mushroom necklaces (for non- smoking BFFs)


Groovy 3D pineapple bikinis

@kellymarietheartist on Depop

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