A new crocheted parasol project

Handmaking a crochet umbrella skin

I am not sure if brown-with-a-brown-rose print is a flattering canopy design. It was a lucky sunny day find when I needed a hat, but it is not an especially useful size to keep the rain off either. I still like it though – it is very well made structurally. But it is just, so brown. Earth colours are never flattering with my skin tone and it matches literally nothing in my wardrobe, house or life.

With these facts in mind, it should come as no surprise that I was pretty ambivalent when I noticed that the canopy had started to tear and should be probably retired as an umbrella. But…it would make a beautiful parasol!

Because the body of the umbrella is such good quality, I am very confident that it would be excellent to use as another crocheted parasol base. And I am keen to test out my parasol making skills again! It may be that the first one I had made was a fluke, after all.

This canopy was a gloriously easy one to cut off, there were just a few threads whipped around each rib that a small pair of sharp scissors could reach and snip.

Eight spokes = eight pineapple doily required.

I think it is important in these early stages to get all the stitches in place and ensure that the circle quarters evenly, and those quarters halve again into eighths. Dressmaking and hat pins were teamed up together to keep me on track.

I believe I’ve reached the end of crocheting the cover – now for the stretching, fastening, fringes and tassels. The tips of the pineapples (in orange) juuuuuuust reach the ends of the umbrella, and I will expect they will stretch a bit with use. The last outside chain (in light pink) is where I will attach the wool fringe.

Thanks for reading! Part two of this parasol how-to will be available in the next few weeks.


The previous parasol project

Festival wear through Depop

Support the parasol making arts here, if you can!

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Turquoise chokers and magic mushroom pendants

Doing something with turquoise!

I had a few pendants going spare, so I have been spending some time this week playing with chokers and turquoise, amigurumi and necklace chains. I’ve been making a few bits of found art jewellery recently, and this is a furtherance of that idea.

I have had a couple of velvet chokers floating around in the TackleBox of Jewellery Oddments for ages that became backs for chainmail or colourful pompoms and bells in the last few weeks. 😂 Isn’t that always the way?

To make up for the sudden lack of chokers, I developed a pattern for a simple black choker strap with a simple tie and made a couple up over the afternoon.

This pendant was originally from a large turquoise ring of unknown metal origin. I could never work out how to solder it back onto another ring, I don’t think I had the right metal to match up it up. It’s a beautiful shade of blue, so I’ve dragged it around for awhile, waiting for something to inspire me to attach it to. A very easy single stitch ring provides the setting and holds the stone in place on the necklace.

…also doing something with amigurumi mushrooms…

These mushroom beads I had made last winter, and originally I had planned to turning them into dangly earrings. Unfortunately, I had made the amigurumi forms too large for ears!

I couldn’t get the mushrooms to lay correctly, and the overall rectangular shape of the sculpted form lends more to a dangling pendant on a necklace. I decided to go with it!

I based the mushrooms off the Psilocybe cubensis form found growing in nature, one fully fruited adult paired with an immature primordium, peeping out amongst the grass.

🍄Thanks for reading!


Magic mushroom stash pockets

Magic mushroom fairy ring rugs

Directly support future pattern development here.


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Nine joyful crocheted croptops

Three groups of three

Here’s a series of crop tops, bikinis and bralettes I have crocheted over the last six months while developing patterns and testing designs.

All the tops are based on notes from practical tests and notes from the wearers of past creations – they have stomped in mosh pits, relaxed into long yoga sessions, stayed up late at night to dance in forests and fields…and then come back to me with notes about straps and cups and tassels ❤️ I love feedback and hopefully I have taken it all on board for this set.

Looking back and thinking about where I was when these different crocheted tops were created is also a very powerful feeling!

All art is just another way of keeping a diary.

– Olek

At the time of writing, most of these are still available to purchase from Depop. I can ship internationally, and I post regularly!

Every cent made supports an independent artist starting up and goes towards studio (and wool storage) fees, site fees, and of course, sustainably sourcing materials. There is no words to express how much I appreciate and treasure everyone that has supported so far!

And now, with spring knocking on winter’s door I am excited to see what the growing season’s inspiration will bring me in way of woolcraft ❤️



Commissions? Dreams? Collaborations?

Support further pattern tests and the site here.

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A jellyfish hipflask stash shoulder bag

A crochet accessory with a secret…

If you have been following along for awhile now, you may have noticed a series of recurring themes. All Seeing Eyes are one, as is amigurumi food such as fruit and desserts. Rainbows come up a lot. And occasionally, jellyfish…

I recently sourced a spool of hot pink, white and orange colour change wool from a charity shop. It is called Save the Children and is located in Bath, if you are in the area and can visit, I would recommend it!

I decided to pair this wool up with a round stainless steel hipflask sourced from another op shop, and during a recent car trip I used the downtime to get started on the inner shoulder bag that encloses the flask.

After finishing the shoulder bag, I set about creating the jellyfish top slider bead. It’s basically a scaled up version on the clipper holders, designed to hang around the waist.

There is a hypoallergenic polyfill stuffing inside, similar material to what you find in pillows. There’s a few different layers of ruffles and frills, as well as dangling tassles, hanging threads and curled cords.

Find it on Depop if you need a jellyfish buddy for a mermaid costume 🦑💕


Contact me if you have any aquatic commissions, collaboration or project ideas!

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Third eye crocheted patchwork

Winter crochet commissions

Over winter a few wonderful people contacted me with an idea or two! They wanted me to make some wearable wool magic for them💕

Timing wise, it was a really good call. While I am living in the U.K, winter is the time of year for repair, reuse and creation.

The request was to create another all-seeing-eye-pyramid-and-rays patch, with a brown iris, brown eyelids and red veins.

Done deal!

The commissioner lives in Australia, and can sew patches on, no worries! To spare the expense of posting the jacket back and forth, we decided this one would be posted to them as a DIY patchwork sewing kit 💕 I also included plenty of wool to secure the patchwork anywhere it’s wanted.

Just waiting for a photo now so I can admire the patch in it’s new home!

Related past projects

Storm Cloud Third Eye

More patchwork, eyes n’ rainbows

Depop shopfront

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Contact me if you have an idea of your own!

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Pompom choker bralette harness

A new rave bralette pattern!

I have been balancing pom-poms, tassels and chokers together to create another bralette pattern.

The pompoms were made using the fork technique, the dangling tassel using the finger technique.

Like most crocheters I have a bag of small odds-and-ends wool from past projects. I used this handy stash to create the pom-poms around the neckline by blending complimentary and contrasting colours – e.g. baby pink, blue and lavender or white, yellow and navy. Had no strong plan for the colour pattern so I made too many pom-poms for this particular project and ended up picking out six that I thought had a nice shabby chic aesthetic sewn together.

What do you think?


I have more trancewear available through Depop, or contact me if you have something a little more custom in mind…

I’m working on expanding the studio and getting an expandable dressmakers dummy for larger wearable art pieces. So many ideas in the pipeline! Donate directly here if you want to start seeing ballgowns and pantsuits and onesies and corsetry…every penny is treasured and I am endlessly grateful for the support!

😘Thanks for reading!

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Fringed chevron cropped top

The third crop top in the triptych

I had three distinct ideas for three different styles of upper body dance wear. This is the third in the triptych. The previous two are available here. This project has been a colourful learning journey and I have picked up a lot about flow, writing patterns and draping cloth over the body in different ways.

Below is a brief series of work in progress shots, I tried it on throughout the fringing process, to make sure I got the length👌just so.

The obvious thematic connection between the three are the long sleeves and yellow and blue fringes! In the third iteration I have exchanged a shaggier vibe for a smooth visible stitch, doubles trebled. This is utilising the basic starting moves for creating a poncho. I have left cut out sections in the shoulders, keeping them free for more ease of movement.

I also used a larger hook to smaller ply ratio, 4.5mm hook to a two ply wool. You can see in some of the close ups this has given the fabric a more open weave, like a hammock, or a hanging doily, or a string grocery bag.

It’s designed for summer nights that are cooler, desert nights in Western Queensland, or Somerset when the mists randomly roll in. The long sleeves keep arms warm, but the lower body is free so air can circulate on the torso to help keep the body cool during long dance sessions.

Work in progress shots

The arm fringes are longer than the neck and hemline ones because it feels good to swish them around. Adding tactile and kinetic elements to clothing isn’t too challenging! Obviously, rows of fringes are much quicker to make than a full shag. Definitely noting this as a way to add more visual and tactile interest to future crochet projects, such as land art, bunting or furniture…

How to add fringes to your own projects here.

Now for the final result!

…as well as links to the first two, available at Depop 🌈

Front and back, as well as shoulder cut out detail.


Festival inspired crochet parasol

If you’d like to directly support the creativity and future pattern developments you can donate to PayPal directly, or you can purchase something from me through Depop. I ship internationally and use a tracked service.

Contact me if you have any ideas for collaborations, commissions or bespoke pieces of wearable art. I’d love to hear from you!

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