Granny square crop top

Greyscale granny stitch super cropped top

In grey this time, a treble stitch crop top! It utilises the basic idea of a granny square, blown up and developed to be worked around the body. I really enjoy making patterns!

It is super short, but with long sleeves. I have tried to put a lot of thought into the pattern and make it with useful features for the wearer. It is so short, because I want the wearer to be able to keep their organs cool after they get too hot from dancing, but the long sleeves are to keep the nighttime chill off their arms, back and shoulders.

I made the hood extremely large – for dreadlocked hairstyles, or hairstyles with giant pieces installed – flowers, horns, crowns, whatever! If the hood is not up it can be pulled back and over the shoulders in the style of a shawl.

There’s a tassel at the end of the hood, that is because I like tassels, making them and putting them onto my work makes me happy. The fringes are there to look and feel good! And give the crop top a liiiiiiiiiiittle bit more length, at least to cover the nipples!

I have been busy over autumn and spring, and I am running out of room in my tiny studio! Apologies for the confusing mass of wool in the photo above, but I am also not sorry. My whole life is a confusing mass of wool all the time, it’s just reality.

Here is a couple of pictures where you can see the hood in action;


I have been making a lot of wearable art over the last year. I have a store on Depop if you are interested in acquiring a one-of-a-kind piece of art that you can also wear. Every stitch, every thread of fringe is imbued with love! I pour my heart into every design and I make my own patterns, there are no repeats…

If you can assist my creative processes with a few dollars here and there, I also have a PayPal page. Every penny received goes straight back into the creation of beautiful and truly unique objects, and I cannot say thank you enough for your love and support!

You can also contact me directly if you have an idea for a commission. I enjoy hearing from people that like what I do!

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Dreadlock beads

Crocheted beadwork for dreadlocks and braids

I love learning how to make new things! Although when I crocheted these, it was not so much picking up a brand new technique, but adapting a style I have previously discovered.

The latest experiment (that I reckon has turned out pretty well) are a handful of dreadlock beads I’ve made from leftover wool scraps and some found object art pieces: nazar beads, wooden skull beads and dismantled jewellery parts.

I have included a size perspective photo below;

….and a variegated pink set that used a little bag of heart charms! The gold one was the odd one out but I think it makes the whole set a little more unique and special.

Found objects and op shop wool, my favourite! And an art practice that is environmentally sustainable!

All wools and beads used are once-offs, so these are truly one-of-a-kind bead sets for your one-of-a-kind dreadlocks.

My own braids are mainly wool and I switch them up about every 3 weeks (or take them out completely to swim in the sea), so I can’t really justify putting them on myself. They are available in my Depop shop in brand new condition if you are interested!

I also ship internationally and my books are open for commissions! If you live close by, I can tidy your dreads (crochet-style) and install them for you also.

Contact me directly if you have different colours in mind and I will see what I can do!

Much love, thanks for reading xx


Find them on Depop!

I crochet all kinds of things including ukulele covers!

If you would like to kick me a dollar or two for coffee and wool, I would appreciate it more than you could ever imagine. Making beautiful things can be a lonely and time-consuming business.

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Save the Children Craft Workshop

Pompoms, tassels and Walcot St, Bath

Recently, the Save the Children Bath charity shop kindly invited me to host a workshop in their store where I taught a few lovely people how to make pompoms and tassels. After starting the workshop I was so busy and excited to be making things that I took no more photos, but I did take a few at the start…

Here was the pop-up shop they very kindly allowed me to set up in their front window!

What a riot of colour and texture! I was very excited once the woolly goodness had finished exploding out of my suitcase…

There’s a few chainmail bits and pieces thrown in as well for extra dazzle, and they even let me dress the mannequins! Big thankyous for the Bath branch of Save the Children, for supporting local artists and DIY culture.

Had a really nice afternoon and met some really cool people of all ages. Also had some very interesting conversations – one woman refused to partake in the workshop because as a child she had to darn socks before being allowed outside to play. Because of this, as an adult, she has no time for woolcraft! That is a bit sad to hear, but I can respect where she is coming from.

I also had a lovely conversation with a lady who is looking to take up knitting of an evening instead of drinking wine. Bless! I would recommend. If your hands are busy with the steels it is harder to smoke, drink, or compulsively pull out your hair.

Everything on display is also available through Depop*. I can also ship internationally as needed.


I have so many more shaggy coats available…

Sizing is around 8-16 depending on the style (best to check the measurements I use myself as the mannequin and I am looooooooong and change weights seasonally)

Older workshops – rugging, felting, rope macrame. It’s been nice to have a little trip down memory lane.

*(as of the time of this writing)…

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Finishing the pink phoenix parasol

Cover made, it’s time to finish the brolly

Introducing the parasol I am loosely referring to as the Pink Phoenix. This is because it has risen from the ashes of a boring and broken brown rose print umbrella, and is ready to spread its wings and fly gloriously throughout the summer!

What festivals and fields will it travel to? Will it attend weddings and picnics and parades, sheltering the bearer, gracing them with a delicate dappled sunlight across their shoulders? What will happen when a crocheted wool umbrella visits a beach?

That is the future though. Currently, there are a few bits to finish off. First, I need to strap everything down. The photo below has everything tied in but not tied down.

Once fully stretched with the knots firmly tied, I also tie the cover in the centre at eight points, securely to the ribs. This keeps it taut for when I start to put on edges to attach the fringe.

This bit of fringing was a bit more challenging than usual. Because the wool I was using varied in colour throughout the skein, I didn’t want to put the whitest wool immediately beside the most pink and ruin the pattern.

To solve this, I cut off the pieces in batches and stored them carefully in a row for use throughout the fringing process.

Once fringed, now it’s time to put on tassels. There’s an obvious spot near the tip that has 8 crocheted loops to attach 8 tassels made with the last of the parasol wool.

The very end has a trio of pink pompoms on a string, for extra luxury fluffy nonsense 💕

After the tassels, it’s time to create the holder! That’s a story for another post though.

Thanks for reading!


Ukulele covers

Previous parasol projects

Support future parasol projects

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The Jellyfish collection

Under the Sea with Kelly Marie!

The latest series of colourful, unique, aquatically inspired crochet for free parties, raves and festivals in general!

It’s probably obvious I have recurring themes. Crochet, nature, technicolours, functionality. This Medusozoa-inspired series is made for beached mermaids that enjoy wild tropical weekends, (or are at least dreaming of wild tropical weekends…..)

As of the time of writing, these little cuties are available to purchase directly from Depop here.

Clockwise from top left; keychain bead, hip flask shoulder bag, denim jacket patch, lighter holder.

Thanks again for reading!


Crocheted tentacle-y creations (for art galleries)

Crocheted tentacle-y creations (for the streets)

Become a patron and support the birth of new and wild creations here.

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Kitty cat bell choker

Crochet choker making

With found art jewellery attachments! I came across a kitty cat bell in a charity shop – this shop in particular had a jar of jewellery odds and ends, bless ’em!

It’s always great to be able to support a store that supports sustainable fashion, and wearable art.

It wasn’t too hard to get the pliers out and sort out the broken links. I’ve used a very large wool needle to attach the metal to the wool.

Thanks goes out again to the Steelmaiden and their partner for teaching me how to work metal linkage better than I have before this year!

If you feel like being an oversized kitty cat, this choker is available via Depop. Meow.


Amigurumi jewellery

Velvet choker and wool pompoms

Support further jewellery developments here.

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Mermaid-y crochet

Tripping the life aquatic

I haven’t finished with shagging jackets yet. My mind swims with potential colour combinations, cuts and patterns. It takes awhile to get the rhythm going for the shag to be lush and fluffy but the results are worth it! And as each one is handmade, they are all one of a kind. The only one of it’s kind on the planet! That exclusivity is truly mind-bending for me sometimes, particularly late at night. Not sure why it has that effect.

After the triptych of shaggy blue and yellow, I felt like a more subdued palette, or maybe just a palette of cooler colours. The latest wearable offering is using up a wide handful of duochromatic blue and green wools I have had kicking around my basket for awhile now.

The blues range from sky blue to navy, and the greens from mildest mint to emerald.

Shaping the treble stitch netting underlayer, particularly around the shoulders and armpits can be a challenge but the template I am working on has a fairly simple way to be worked into the shape and I don’t mind the side drape.

On this particular piece I reinforced the hem of the sleeves, neck, sides and waist to give the netting a more substantial backing.

It’s a cosy duochromatic checkerboard, baby! There’s enough bulk in the wool to give the impression of weight and warmth, but the weave is so open and light that the breeze gets through and air circulates perfectly.

Pretty sure I will keep this one for myself for a late-night psyforest throw/wrap and beach cover up.


More shaggy boleros and shrugs

Crop tops for trippers and lovers

Show the maker some love!

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