I am an Australian artist from Queensland travelling around Europe. I enjoy just about everything to do with textile-based arts practices, particularly if I can reuse discarded materials to adapt them into something new and functional.

One of the reasons I am travelling is to meet artists in another hemisphere, to talk about our practices, share each other cultures, and hopefully learn a lot!


Amigurumi figures and my rag rug and sculpture work Fairy-ring 1 (2010)

Amigurumi figures and my rag rug and sculpture work Fairy-ring 1 (2010)


I love spending time improving and increasing my creative skills through experimentation, research and adapting past craft project patterns from vintage craft books into something a little more contemporary. I am not afraid of the F-word (functional) or the ‘C’ word (craft) when it comes to describing my practice!




I currently live in a tiny, tiny home space with very little room for anything resembling a studio. Being creative on the road is certainly a challenge, and one I happily accept! My practice while travelling mainly focuses on more functional pieces including crochet, rugging, wall hangings, zines, embroidery and other sewing projects.

Through challenges and adaptation to my situation I have diversified my practice to include drawing, writing and preserves – and there certainly is an art to the latter (as well as the science!). You can follow my travels to see how I am tackling the ‘transient artist without a studio’ challenges through the blog, or my page.


Amigurumi monster pole - yarn bombing project 2012

Toowoomba amigurumi monster pole – yarn bombing project 2012


Because I move around a lot, I can perhaps come to you if there are any creative projects, festivals or workshops you would like me to be a part of in your area! My Helpx profile is here if you would like to check out past reviews and see what else I can do. Don’t be afraid to drop me a line if you have any questions or ideas about future collaborations together, I would love to hear from you.