About the artist


I am an Australian artist from Queensland, based in the U.K. I focus mainly on textiles, though I occasionally branch out in to wood carving, jewellery making and drawing.

A majority of my materials are reused or from sustainable sources such as charity shops, skips and friends with hand-me-downs. Unofficially, my motto is: buy nothing new. It creates a somewhat providential nature to my work.

I’ve been living and travelling Europe in a van for three years, and in this time I’ve picked up some tips for living and having a studio in a tiny space. It is not easy, and some days are very hard, but the upsides can be extremely rewarding.

Because of my tiny house situation, I focus on creations that lie in the middle of a Venn diagram of which there are two circles that read; 

Function / Beauty

Every object in my house needs to pull double duty (at least) but this diversified my practice and given me the urge to create beautiful things which have maximised use; lightweight, comfortable and technicolour clothing, stash pockets, thematic holders-of-things, checkerboard covers-of-things, parasols, jewellery.

I am open hearing about collaborations, commissions, partnerships, collectives, whatever your creative project is. Don’t hesitate to drop me a line here.

If you have been enjoying what I am making and would like to support the continuing creation of all sorts of woolly festival fantasy wear, I also have a Paypal link you can donate to directly.

Thanks for reading!