Crochet Fly Agaric Bags

Magic mushroom accessories

I’ve been mulling this problem over for awhile, how to crochet a lighter holder necklace that looks like a magic mushroom. I’ve recently cracked the problem in my own way, by turning the mushroom cap into a sliding bead that goes down around the top of the clipper.

So then, to access the flame, you just slide the bead up!

This lighter holder is currently available for sale in my Depop shop front, you can get it there, or message me directly if you have any custom colours or mushroom designs in mind.

Fly Agaric Water Bottle Holder

I have also made a much larger, drawstring version to hold my water bottle. Great news is that the mushroom cap bead at the top is so large, it can double as a pillow!

Matchy-matchy! πŸ„

*mycological nerd note; in case anyone was wondering why these mushrooms don’t have the annulus or cortina that is typical of Amanita muscaria. These are juveniles – out of the primordia stage but the gills are yet to be exposed.


Fairy ring amigurumiand rag rugs

More fungal-ly themed crochet – Humine spongiform, 2011.

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