A fast crochet rug using t-shirt fabrics

Making a new bathroom mat while on the road

I have gotten a lot better at crocheting flat pieces, and using reused fabric as the wool. There is a great tutorial on how to cut continuous strands from a t-shirt here, and this technique can be adapted to tights, jeans, bedsheets, any fabric you would like to reuse!

After one false start, I had a plan and have been knocking out a lot of reused fabric discs in complimentary shades of pink, and white.

Reused fabric crochet rug pattern

Each one only takes a couple of minutes to make as they are so small. When laid flat, they are looking fairly easy to slot together and stitch up.

Reused fabric rug pattern crochet

I think I should be able to stitch them together like so;

Non tessellated sketch pattern planning
Slightly different to the above pattern, my final plan is to stitch them to each other at the 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock points of the circle. And awaaaaaay we go!

Sewing vanlife tiny house creative projects

I stitched them lengthways first to create long lines of circles.

Crochet projects small spaces planning rugs

After this they will need to be stitched together vertically to complete the rug. The lightning-bolt-style stitches are the vertical ones.

Sewing reused fabric rugging grey wool

Work in progress building fabric rugs

So far, so good!


Previous functional crochet projects and patterns can be found in the links below, if there are any patterns missing feel free to send me an email and I will try to walk you through the recipe any way I can.

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