Winter crocheting 2015

I have been crocheting up a storm lately

I have made necklaces, blankets (multiple!) and a pillow case, which are really great wool-eating projects. Burning through a lot of very colourful wool at the moment, I have not been feeling like working with navy or grey.

The skull print granny square blanket is a pattern that I have used previously, on a skirt. This time, I did follow through and create enough squares for a blanket!


The pattern for the Chain Link Crochet Necklace you can find on Share Lambeth Designs. Every link individually is very simple, and together they have a striking visual effect.

The most colourful blanket on the bottom right is the latest project, and it will be my desk blanket. I don’t need it so much in winter, but am looking forward to having a cheerful summer desk blanket.

Desk blanket!

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Visual artist originally from Australia, travelling the world creating crocheted wearable art and functional textile pieces. Sustainable art and slow fashion made from recycled fabrics, wools and metal. Colourful. Psychedelic. Unique.
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