Frozen wonderland, aka last days in Somerset

Winter is here and life in Somerset is icy. A few nights have dipped below zero (Celsius). While we have piled up all the knitted blankets, shawls, sleeping bags and doonas from storage and are cosy under them at nights, it is very much not cosy outside of them.

We have had a few days in a row where we have needed to de-ice the inside of the van, mainly the sunroof:

De icing the sunroof

Condensation condensed from mist to ice with science probably

It is a little bit uncomfortable at the moment and the heater is…unreliable. The good news is that this will stop happening soon.

My partner in life has the mad itchy feet and I am inclined to feel the same. Because of this, we have been planning and preparing a trip to Spain and it looks like we timed the trip with the weather accurately (more or less). We have made a lot of deep connections and lifelong friendships in Somerset in the time we stayed though, and I know I will treasure the time spent here learning, laughing and creating.

As always when travelling, the excitement of adventure is tinged with sadness in parting. But there is nothing we can do but shrug the sadness off (I chose ¯\_(ツ.)_/¯ as my preferred shrug), update the contact addresses list and hope to catch everyone on the so-called flip-side. And look forward to making new friends and connections in the Spain-Portugal-France area for 2017. 

Also looking forward to doing more textiles when my hands defrost! Already have the sketchbooks out…

About kellymarietheartist

I am an artist who, up until recently, was living and exhibiting within Toowoomba and the greater Granite Belt district. I have since packed up and left Australia, and am currently living and working in England. My work engages the craft involved in handmaking within a contemporary art context. I am drawn to the physicality of repetitive textile processes, and this is transcribed though the tactile quality of my forms. In particular, processes such as crochet, sewing and rug making serve as a proxy for growth within my personal environment. Many of my works imitate situations in nature, and they form organically as I create each individual piece, each addition both a continuation and re-enforcement of its predecessors. I enjoy using recycled materials for many of my works. Using crochet and other textile techniques to do this is an important part of my work as it celebrates a tradition of craft that has historically been relegated to 'women's work', with all the negative connotations that entails.
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