How to design your own granny square pillowcase

How to crochet a new elmer granny square pillow case

I have been doing a lot of granny square crocheting of late, including finishing my desk blanket. The blanket was completed with an irresponsibly small amount of wool, because I too like to live dangerously.

Complete ttreble crochet granny stitch blanket

The next project was to cover a pair of pillows. If memory serves, these were a very cheap pair of pillows from ASDA I first purchased when I moved to Bath. They had since been relegated to the living room where their cases were starting to look terrible, so I thought I would crochet them new cases.

I knew what design I wanted for the first pillowcase, but had no luck finding the design pattern on Pinterest. I thought I should be able to follow a drawn pattern. I started this by planning a monochromatic elmer stitch granny square with a geometric swirl in blue. I also planned for a fifth shade of blue in the middle, and a sixth colour for the other side of the pillowcase (a solid navy blue).

moleshine blue geometry granny square plan

It was pretty simple, and I figured if I started a treble stitch granny square the usual way;

…this would be the first shade of blue, which is then immediately finished with.

granny square monochromatic geometric swirl plan

From there, the first part was the hardest to start, as each stitched colour needs to be on the back of a colour that was not put down yet! Eventually, I got going, attaching all four colours. After that it was as simple as following the instructions for a normal elmer stitch square, but never finishing off a row of colour.

Eventually, I had a square slightly smaller than my pillow. This was the first side of my pillow case – the other would be a more basic elmer stitch square in a block navy colour.

elmer square granny geometric swirl


Instructions for the Humble Granny Square

View the desk blanket as a work-in-progress


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