Hacky sack crochet spree

Hacky sack crochet

Spring has sprung in Bath, and things are going well. After getting over [more] colds, I am enjoying the flowers, freaking out over the size of bumblebees, and crocheting hacky sacks.

Actually, that’s a gross simplification of what I have been up to. But while I settle in and my artistic joie de vivre again, I have been keeping my hands busy and keeping up appearances, at least where making things are concerned.

In sewing news;

Leopard print jumper sweater sewing

I bought way too much leopard print faux fur fabric, so I am sure it will show up in more and more in the modded-out things I like to wear.

leopard print heart sewing


In Pin-teresting news;

I rearranged my wool stash into the house booze cabinet;

wool shelf stacking storage solution

Everyone gets a shelf; I made the best call possible, I think.

Crocheting news;

I have been screwing around, making some (sort of) functional things. I think something about the relatively nice weather Bath has been having of late has influenced my crocheting choices. So hacky sacks and poi all round!

crocheted rainbow hacky sack

shades of blue poi

The poi are a work in progress – I have been using nylon stockings, rice and wool but I have also been thinking hard about the logistics of poi in motion. How much will the wool twist when I use the poi? Will they still look good? What sort of stitches should I use? A loose chain that I can unwind, but might look terrible from the start, or tight single stitch that will look great at first, but may warp and look terrible after a very short time?

I am sure there will be answers for these questions in time.

In other news;

I bought a(nother) ukulele! I thought it would be a good idea to continue to do something new and keep reshaping my gently ageing brain. And I’ve read an article that supports my fiscal irresponsibility too, so I feel justified in my purchase.

purple ukulele

Also, it is purple.

Lastly, I wandered into the field and saw some rocks or something;



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