Sketching my thoughts into a notebook on the road

Drawing while travelling

Putting out a few sketches now and then. Like crochet, drawing is portable and as a travel-friendly way to be creative, I can’t recommend it enough. I have a very small pencil case at the moment; a few pencils, one eraser, black ink pens with a few kinds of thicknesses….strangely enough, three sharpeners though? I don’t know how I have ended up with three, to be honest!

Just trying to make do with what I have at the moment, I have one A5 notebook and am focused on filling that, aside from a few journal sketches (different book). I want to believe this kind of exercise keeps my mind ticking over creatively. There’s no large rolls of paper, drawers of pens, canvases to paint on here! But maybe some of these sketches get worked up and become larger, more complicated in the future. It’s happened before. Here are a few of these journal sketches;

life sketching pen ink drawing

exercise in shading mundane barroom pencil sketches

Thinking about being enveloped by pom poms…

drowning in pompoms pencil sketch

pencil sketch life drawing kitchen

Thinking about the Voynich Manuscript
red ink botanical sketch voynich manuscript

Planning out the colour schemes for a line of hunting or three…

planning sketching colourful bunting moleskine

Spring, spring, spring! Sketches about nettles, blooms, buds, bees, dandelions…

pencil sketch dead branch blossoming vines with leaves

ink sketch patons wool skep bees and dandelions


pencil sketch patterning zen line drawings

Thinking about the mundane again…

pencil sketch bathroom mundane scene
Thoughts about about Pinta island tortoises, whalers, UFOs and extinction…

tortoise pencil sketch

Lastly, a dessert parade!

ink sketch sweets puddings cakes waffles desserts


The question of how to stay creative while in a small space is something to tackle in many ways depending on what you can create! I also crochet and make rugs!

About kellymarietheartist

I am an artist who, up until recently, was living and exhibiting within Toowoomba and the greater Granite Belt district. I have since packed up and left Australia, and am currently living and working in England. My work engages the craft involved in handmaking within a contemporary art context. I am drawn to the physicality of repetitive textile processes, and this is transcribed though the tactile quality of my forms. In particular, processes such as crochet, sewing and rug making serve as a proxy for growth within my personal environment. Many of my works imitate situations in nature, and they form organically as I create each individual piece, each addition both a continuation and re-enforcement of its predecessors. I enjoy using recycled materials for many of my works. Using crochet and other textile techniques to do this is an important part of my work as it celebrates a tradition of craft that has historically been relegated to 'women's work', with all the negative connotations that entails.
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