Turquoise chokers and magic mushroom pendants

Doing something with turquoise!

I had a few pendants going spare, so I have been spending some time this week playing with chokers and turquoise, amigurumi and necklace chains. I’ve been making a few bits of found art jewellery recently, and this is a furtherance of that idea.

I have had a couple of velvet chokers floating around in the TackleBox of Jewellery Oddmentsโ„ข for ages that became backs for chainmail or colourful pompoms and bells in the last few weeks. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Isn’t that always the way?

To make up for the sudden lack of chokers, I developed a pattern for a simple black choker strap with a simple tie and made a couple up over the afternoon.

This pendant was originally from a large turquoise ring of unknown metal origin. I could never work out how to solder it back onto another ring, I don’t think I had the right metal to match up it up. It’s a beautiful shade of blue, so I’ve dragged it around for awhile, waiting for something to inspire me to attach it to. A very easy single stitch ring provides the setting and holds the stone in place on the necklace.

…also doing something with amigurumi mushrooms…

These mushroom beads I had made last winter, and originally I had planned to turning them into dangly earrings. Unfortunately, I had made the amigurumi forms too large for ears!

I couldn’t get the mushrooms to lay correctly, and the overall rectangular shape of the sculpted form lends more to a dangling pendant on a necklace. I decided to go with it!

I based the mushrooms off the Psilocybe cubensis form found growing in nature, one fully fruited adult paired with an immature primordium, peeping out amongst the grass.

๐Ÿ„Thanks for reading!


Magic mushroom stash pockets

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