Chainmail and velvet chokers

Linking it all up

From exploring many charity shops in the UK I’ve found a lot of costume jewellery which I have incorporated into some recent chainmail making endeavours.

Yggdrasil forms the heart of this chainmail and black velvet choker. There are diamantes studded around the outside edge. Amazingly for a found treasure, all the diamantes are still in place!

All hand linked with four green hanging satin tassels for balance and sway.

The chainmail that cascades over the collarbone was securely sewn link-by-link to a vintage black velvet choker.

Vintage jewellery and silver metal links designed and hand assembled. Very excited for other jewellery bits and pieces in the tacklebox! Have so many more chainmail plans with different coloured links for the future…🛠❣🛠

The chainmail choker with tassels and Yggdrasil motif is available to purchase directly via Depop.


Crochet jewellery – earrings that don’t pull your lobes off

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