Shaggy-delic crop top

Long-sleeved statement dancewear

Made a second in my series of yellow and blue shaggy crop tops. Putting my newfound hand – shagging skills to good effect.

Long sleeved and lush ❤ it’s lightweight for all the fluff, great to keep that evening chill off.

It’s possibly still available through Depop, new, unworn except for photos. Everything is handmade, and this colour combination of wool has been discontinued. I can’t find enough wool to make a repeat! It is a totally unique, sustainably made once-off piece of wearable art. Eschew fast fashion if you can ❤🌍🌎🌏❤

Aiming for a triptych. Let’s watch! 🤓


👘 The sister top, a shaggy yellow and blue long sleeved bolero 👘

👙 Other handmade festival, rave, free party and bush doof crochet clothes 🍄

Depop shopfront

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About kellymarietheartist

Visual artist originally from Australia, travelling the world creating crocheted wearable art and functional textile pieces. Sustainable art and slow fashion made from recycled fabrics, wools and metal. Colourful. Psychedelic. Unique.
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