Shagadelic short coat

I made a coat!

It’s a hypercolour woolly shaggy heavy – fringed bolero or short jacket. It doesn’t close at the front (need to work on that) but I added tassel ties on the bottom, now it closes in a super cute psychedelic trance – dance kind of way.

I didn’t have a mannequin and I don’t take selfies well, so here’s a series of work-in-progress shots where I’ve pranced around self-consciously while trying to operate my phone. Enjoy!


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More functional festival crochet…

About kellymarietheartist

Visual artist originally from Australia, travelling the world creating crocheted wearable art and functional textile pieces. Sustainable art and slow fashion made from recycled fabrics, wools and metal. Colourful. Psychedelic. Unique.
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