My four favourite podcasts to Helpx to (June 2017)

The main four

I love podcasts. They are such an integral part of my life now, it is hard to imagine that less than twelve months ago I didn’t listen to any with any regularity. And now I listen to a number of people so regularly, I feel like my brain has slotted them in a kind of ‘friend’ category. Anyway, I spend a lot of time by myself, and doing a lot of non-talking tasks – weeding, shovelling, painting, sowing, sewing…podcasts really work in with my lifestyle at the moment.

Podcasts are also because of where I have been travelling to, areas without mobile reception! Podcasts are easy to download where possible, then there is hours and hours of listening entertainment to be had. Helpx and podcasts are a perfect combination. My favourites genres are probably comedy and true crime. Here is my (short) list of favourite podcasts I listen to while Helpxing. If you have any others to recommend, let me know in the comments!


4. White Wine True Crime.

Two hilarious women, occasionally guests, they drink (usually) white wine and discuss their favourite true crime shows. The shows are a little over an hour long and their episodes can get pretty sloppy and off-track. Special little treasures like Hertzogging, the rapping, and hobo lemonade make WWTC.

What are you waiting for? Let yourself be wined and crimed!

3. Kurt Vonneguys.

Two guys talking about the works of Kurt Vonnegut in the (mostly) chronological order that they were published in. They have a great format they use to dissect Vonnegut’s work and they are both huge fans of his writing. The shortest episode of Vonneguys is an hour and twenty-two minutes long, they are also great for long car rides, really moves the afternoon along.

They just covered Breakfast of Champions, so there is another two or three decades of Vonneguys work to go! Hooray for Kurt Vonneguys!


2. Sword and Scale

Sword and Scale can be a truly harrowing listen. The point of the podcast is to show that ‘the worst monsters are real’ and this is something they achieve time and time again. Each episode is put together extremely well, the audio, sound effects, and tone of the presenter, Mike Boudet is perfect, and perfectly spine chilling at times. Would recommend listening in a well lit room, surrounded by many people.



1. Last Podcast on the Left

Listening to Ben, Marcus and Henry discussing true crime or the paranormal makes me miss bullshitting around a sticky wine-coated table in a garage. They can wildly disagree with each other, while cracking each other up. They seem to be old friends who genuinely like each other. It is fun.




Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of The Worlds

True story; it was a 12-to-16 hour drive from where I lived as a child to my grandparents, and we drove there for Christmas or Easter sometimes. And some time during this trip, this would be played. It tickles something nostalgic in my brain. And also it is a cool story.



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