Mural and hair-volution part two


Still painting that mural and those follicles…

It is a large job, but to paint this mural as a team of three is making the project very light work. It also helps that Maryk and Peter are so sweet and encouraging! We are having a lot of great chats while working, and I am learning a lot (culturally) about these great folk that have welcomed us into their home, and other travellers that are staying there at the moment.

We are sharing a lot of music too. Our working sounds include me listening to a lot of White Wine True Crime with headphones when I am by myself, and when everyone is in the room we take turns choosing the songs. So far this has been quite a mixed bag including Ricky Martin, Jackie Wilson, Seth SentryAnohni, Anouk (and Queen, of course!).

I have also been recolouring my hair in the meantime, ultramarine, turquoise and violet.
Paint application murals volunteering travel Europe

Colour balance panel painting kerning

Cursive Text painting helpx travelling Portugal

Happy times re-exploring painting.

Completed bedroom mural painted poster illustrations

And that is the mural done! Glad that Maryk was making the aesthetic calls on this painting. I think my obsessive attention to detail could have stretched this project out for another six months, but she kept us ticking along at a steady rate.

Unfortunately, this is the clearest photo of Maryk and I in front of the finished wall (the photographer has extremely shaky hands  and we didn’t notice until it was too late).

Completed mural painting project volunteering travel

The scenes from the mural are from an original created by Pablo Stanley, a great illustrator whose works are definitely worth checking out. Once again, stayed with a fantastic family and had a great time…in terms of rating our helpxing experiences in Portugal…so far, so good. Will treasure our memories of the love and laughs we had at Vila Colina!

Part one of our mural painting adventures.

Past paintings, wall and ceramic.

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