Adrawingaday, number four

Series four of the adrawingaday project

This small project I have set for myself – one drawing per day – is continuing as expected. It can be something I look forwards to now as a way to unwind at the end of a day. Many of the same themes continue – women, strangeness, fine lines, nature. Have picked up a more geometric style recently, while working out how to draw gems.

Have done quite a few mandalas, too. I find them extremely soothing to work on at the moment. Mandala is Sanskrit for circle or disc, and the history as a meditative practice is an absorbing read. Carl Jung’s research and popularisation of the mandala in art therapy in the early part of the twentieth century also gave the Western world a place for the mandalas. Thanks Jung!

Continuing into this century, mandalas have gained contemporary interest from psychologists for use in cognitive behavioural therapy. A study in colouring and anxiety found results that suggest the structured colouring of reasonably complex geometric patterns (mandalas and a plaid pattern were used in the study) have a greater effect on relieving anxiety than the group that completely unstructured colouring¹.

I have not done that much colouring, but nevertheless have found the simple act of drawing the outlines still very soothing.

Also, hairy women.

mindfullnness practice mandala mandala sacred circle mandala sketch practice moleskine mandala diamond laser eyes meditative mandala drawing hairy nude woman body hair self confidence woman


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¹Curry and Kasser, 2005. Can Coloring Mandalas Reduce Anxiety? Art Therapy: Journal of the American Art Therapy Association, 22(2) pp. 81-85 © AATA, Inc. 2005. Link here to downloadable PDF via ERIC.

About kellymarietheartist

I am an artist who, up until recently, was living and exhibiting within Toowoomba and the greater Granite Belt district. I have since packed up and left Australia, and am currently living and working in England. My work engages the craft involved in handmaking within a contemporary art context. I am drawn to the physicality of repetitive textile processes, and this is transcribed though the tactile quality of my forms. In particular, processes such as crochet, sewing and rug making serve as a proxy for growth within my personal environment. Many of my works imitate situations in nature, and they form organically as I create each individual piece, each addition both a continuation and re-enforcement of its predecessors. I enjoy using recycled materials for many of my works. Using crochet and other textile techniques to do this is an important part of my work as it celebrates a tradition of craft that has historically been relegated to 'women's work', with all the negative connotations that entails.
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