Adrawingaday sketches, number three

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I haven’t  missed that many days – I crashed off a bicycle one night, and that was the only day I have not posted, I think.

I read somewhere that if you do something for thirty days in a row then in becomes a habit. It is a number that has clung to me, the idea that changing one thing for thirty days in a row will make that thing permanent. That sounds too good to be true.

So far, this project where I do one drawing per day has seen me sharpen up certain techniques. That is the only noticeable effect after thirty days, from my perspective.

handdrawn DIY sticker comic fine line drawing how to cider vinegar practicing drawing scroll work hand drawn sticker text drawing the mandala mandala picture Grape leave drawing sketching moleskine handdrawn feathers black and white hand drawn sticker sharpie pen

I wonder how it ends.

The current practice is to post daily a single photo to Instagram, leaving room here for extras and B-sides. 


A drawing a day pt. 1

A drawing a day pt. 2

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