Kelly-Marie and Matthew Collins performing in Brief Encounters (Toowoomba)

Our Brief Encounters Toowoomba performance, August 2013

So, it has obviously been awhile since this film was created, but since all of the travelling, I have not been able to post it until now. I have written about this collaboration process, creation and performance quite a bit in the past, and I have linked those details below. I have also created a new page for films! Yay.

The short film ‘Toy Shelf’

‘Does Art Matter?’ an interview with Toowoomba artists that I was quoted in.

A review of the Brief Encounters performance by Amber Gywnne.

A gallery of the performance images.

I did my own makeup for the performance (including false eyelashes) and wrote about it.

I would like to thank Matthew Dalamaras and Rory Adams for their preservation of this performance with the medium of film. Without them, it would be nothing but talk of a thing I created once with someone. I would also like to thank Jennifer Murray for bringing the whole Brief Encounters Toowoomba crew together to create something pretty interesting in just one fortnight.

A few thoughts on the Brief Encounters film;

I am (obviously) not the most comfortable person in front of the camera, which is kind of annoying, since during the performance I have memories of not feeling awkward at all. More work on this is needed.

I never realised what that crocheted dress looked like from the back, and it is pretty flattering!

I should get back into designing and creating wearable art, larger things than I have been doing of late (mostly gloves, scarves and hats).

I really miss Toowoomba, and treasure the memories I have of living there. They are very precious to me.

Video of the performance:

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