Making earmuffs for the winter chill, Part One

Making earmuffs to keep the cold out of my head

I don’t know how everyone else does it in the northern hemisphere in winter. I swear, the cold blows straight into the part of my brain that gets a brain-freeze, and shortly after, I develop a headache. So I made a pair off earmuffs this winter to keep the cold out.

kelly-marie mcewan handmade crochet earmuffs

Even on lovely clear days like this one.

I actually created them on the bus trip from Baltimore to New York, which was over a month ago. But, things have a habit of getting in the way, so I am only getting to write about it now. Here is my how-to on making earmuffs.

So, I found a pair of broken earmuffs, and a pair of broken nylons, and I am using those shapes as a base to create a more interesting thing. I wanted to record the pattern I am making up for it as I am going along, and what better place for it than the internet? This will be kind of a long post, so I am breaking it up into a few parts.

Ingredients for making a pair of earmuffs

2 x 6cm (2.2″) diameter earmuff pieces

1 x pair of too-small stockings that you have ripped and want to throw out

2x 50g acrylic 6ply wool, any colour you want!

3mm crochet hook

1x adult-sized alice band

2x 30cm long ribbons in complimentary colours

The stitch list

Chain stitch (ch)

Slip stitch (sl st)

Single crochet (sc)

Single crochet two together (sc2tog)

Half crochet (hcr)

Double crochet (dc)

Now, before we start, I would like to note that I was using any old wool that I had lying around, and that is something I would not recommend if you enjoy having a uniform look to your earmuffs. Mine are four different colours, but that is because I don’t really care that they are four different colours.

First step: Snip the ear part off your old earmuffs, and sew the loose ends together (I don’t think it matters how rough they look, as they will eventually be hidden under crochet).

stitching earmuff pieces crochet preparation

How to crochet the earmuffs:

1: 3 ch, 1 sl st into the first one to form a ring.

2: 2 sc into each of the stitches into preceding row.

crochet earmuffs how-to work in progress

You should have something that looks a little like this.

3-5: Repeat row 2.

6: 1 sc, *2 sc, 1 sc, repeat from * until the end of the row.

7: 1 sc, 1 sc, *2 sc, 1 sc, 1 sc, repeat from * until the end of the row.

8: 1 sc, 1 sc, 1 sc, *2 sc, 1 sc, 1 sc, 1 sc, repeat from * until the end of the row.

9: 1 sc, 1 sc, 1 sc, 1 sc, *2 sc, 1 sc, 1 sc, 1 sc, 1 sc, repeat from * until the end of the row.

10: 1 sc, 1 sc, 1 sc, 1 sc, 1 sc, *2 sc, 1 sc, 1 sc, 1 sc, 1 sc, 1 sc, repeat from * until the end of the row. The work will have a wavy edge, which is necessary for the piece to curve around when it will need to.

Wavy edge crochet earmuff piece WIP

11: 1 sc into each of the stitches from the previous row.

12-14: Repeat row 11. After row 14, this is where the puff will begin to turn inwards. The wool should have started curving in on itself, and resemble something similar to a shallow bowl shape.

crochet curving around earmuff piece

Hopefully your ear piece slots into the crochet nicely.

15: 1 sc, 1 sc, 1 sc, 1 sc, 1 sc, 1 sc, 1 sc, *sc2tog, 1 sc, 1 sc, 1 sc, 1 sc, 1 sc, 1 sc, 1 sc, repeat from * until the end of the row.

16: Repeat row 15 again. Fasten off. You will need to come back to this part to add the earmuff piece and stockings, as well as close it off. But for now, it will remain open, so you can manipulate the work better while you work on the petals.

crochet earmuff work in progress

About kellymarietheartist

I am an artist who, up until recently, was living and exhibiting within Toowoomba and the greater Granite Belt district. I have since packed up and left Australia, and am currently living and working in England. My work engages the craft involved in handmaking within a contemporary art context. I am drawn to the physicality of repetitive textile processes, and this is transcribed though the tactile quality of my forms. In particular, processes such as crochet, sewing and rug making serve as a proxy for growth within my personal environment. Many of my works imitate situations in nature, and they form organically as I create each individual piece, each addition both a continuation and re-enforcement of its predecessors. I enjoy using recycled materials for many of my works. Using crochet and other textile techniques to do this is an important part of my work as it celebrates a tradition of craft that has historically been relegated to 'women's work', with all the negative connotations that entails.
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