Hyponotising crochet hand movements

Speeding up my crochet technique

I’ve been crocheting for about 12 years now. Until recently, I had a really ham – fisted technique. I would hold the hook in my fist like a toothbrush, which led to a split second delay between stitches as I dragged the wool back over the hook.

It took about a week to implement the change, and hold the crochet hook pencil-style from now on. I was a lot slower during Learning Week™, as the new style was a motion I needed to consciously adopt. Starting out, I would automatically move the hook back into the original position all the time. It would take me awhile to notice, then need to switch back to the new style I was trying to learn….over and over! 

After a few days it became second nature. And I have noticeably sped up. To celebrate, I made a gif of how fast I have become!

It has taken years to admit that this style was slowing me down. I taught myself to crochet so I used the hand placement that felt natural, but that decision turned out to be counter-productive in the long run.

Because of the amount of crochet stitches I do making clothes, every quarter-second adds up! Once I had taken a more objective look at my hand placement and style, and roughly calculated how much extra time each piece takes, it was easier to admit I had been wrong, and want to change.

Thanks for reading! Appreciate it. Xx


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  1. Ally says:

    That looks way difficult…. I like my hammy fists

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