Mushroom in life for joy 💖

Putting the FUN in fungi

Pardon all the puns, but I am just so excited about a little collection of Fly Agarics I’ve put together!

There’s the classic red cap, white stem colour combination, and a couple are utilising Alice in Wonderland-style trippy and groovy colours.

I am so happy with this pattern! After the first few tests, the final design has had the bugs worked out and is delightful to wear and use! The cap slides snugly over the top and the pendant is a great distance from the neck to spark the lighter from.

They all scrub up nicely after a hard weekend by simply popping in a bra bag and machine washing on a delicate cycle. If only it was so easy for us all!

Click on the link for the individual colour to purchase via Depop or Etsy:

Red and white

Blue and yellow

Acid green and white

…and also the water bottle holder pictured…

I am definitely available for unique colour combination commissions, don’t hesitate to email with questions! I can also create one-off batches of up to 10 if you are wanting specific colour looks for the squad…

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