Third eye crocheted patchwork

Winter crochet commissions

Over winter a few wonderful people contacted me with an idea or two! They wanted me to make some wearable wool magic for themπŸ’•

Timing wise, it was a really good call. While I am living in the U.K, winter is the time of year for repair, reuse and creation.

The request was to create another all-seeing-eye-pyramid-and-rays patch, with a brown iris, brown eyelids and red veins.

Done deal!

The commissioner lives in Australia, and can sew patches on, no worries! To spare the expense of posting the jacket back and forth, we decided this one would be posted to them as a DIY patchwork sewing kit πŸ’• I also included plenty of wool to secure the patchwork anywhere it’s wanted.

Just waiting for a photo now so I can admire the patch in it’s new home!

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