Stash necklaces for festivals and parties

Autumn crochet for summer days future

Making more stash necklaces! I love that I can have a quirky concept and bash one of these necklaces out fairly quickly. They are small so it’s a satisfying experience (mainly I enjoy holding a finished product in the palm of my hand 💖)

This one holds Tabasco sauce! It’s also fun to create adorable and functional things.

I call this one a Jellystash at the moment.

And now for a breast!

These are currently available through Depop, or message me directly if you have any other ideas. I’ll see what I can do!


Festival ready parasol making, parts one and two.

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Visual artist originally from Australia, travelling the world creating crocheted wearable art and functional textile pieces. Sustainable art and slow fashion made from recycled fabrics, wools and metal. Colourful. Psychedelic. Unique.
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