Nipples, surrealism and styes; Adrawingaday project fourteen

Adrawingaday continues on

The #adrawingaday challenge I have set for myself is continuing on well. This lot are a bit of a mixed bag. No particular challenge set; just draw what I feel on the day and the time that I am feeling it.

The main media is moleskine and black ink, although you can see there were days of pencil and sticker. I have taken to carrying the materials I need all the time, for those 15 minute period of inactivity waiting for my name to be called or my station to arrive.

One day I drew this stye that took up residence in my eye. I never actually got my finger this close though. Did you know that is an infection with staphylococcus bacteria? Swoon.

One of these drawings is an attempt to address an anxiety in the past. Another about the future fears I struggle to articulate, but wake me in the early morning.

Some of these drawings are thoughts, and some are dreams. Some address the commonality and mundane of everyday life, like the diamond showers and non-nipple French nipple appropriations.

Also, some are just plain silly. 


Adrawingaday lives in a dedicated category here:

I also have a daily updating drawing-a-day account on Instagram here.

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