Elderberry Wine home brewing

Elder berry wine brewing

Am especially pleased with the elderberry wine I’ve recently bottled. Now I need to let it sit for the next year until I can drink it.

This was another wine made from a recipe I read in Booze by John Wright.

Forking the elderberries off the umbels is tiresome, to say the least. The smell of this wine as I was bottling it is very hopeful though. So hopeful, I went out and picked and froze a couple of baskets of elderberries, to continue brewing into winter.

A simple to make red wine.

Elderberry washing foraged fruit Somerset

Wash the berries

Elder berries washed forked collander

Fork off the berries from the umbels

Elderberry ferment mix

Hot water to kill the bugs

Crushing elderberrys pips must fermenting

Crush the berry flesh (but not the pips!)

Elder berry home brew DIY

Add yeast, aerate and leave to begin fermenting

Elderberry wine DIY in progress

Day One fermenting and aeration

Elderberry wine ferment complete siphoning

Day Two fermenting and aeration

Fermenting elderberry wine

Fermenting elderberry wine

Fermenting elderberries bucket

Day Three fermenting and aeration, not changed greatly

Fermenting elderberries

Day Four fermenting and aeration

Fermenting at home elderberries yeast fizzing

Day Five fermenting and aeration

Dated elder berry fermenting bucket

Good record keeping is important

Demijohn rack siphoning elderberry wine

Leave to sit in first rack to complete ferment (a week?) before transferring with second rack to clarify


Rosehip Wine

Elderflower Cordial



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