Crocheted crocodile stitch (alligator stitch, pineapple stitch) collar complete

Crocodile stitch crochet work in progress update

I have been working on another piece of crochet in this cold weather. It’s inspired by this crocodile stitch cowl I found looking up alligator stitch how-tos:

pinterest inspiration

You can purchase that pattern by following this link here.

Although, I wanted something with a longer neck, to keep my face warm. And instead of the longer crocodile stitch pieces running into a vest, I wanted shorter pieces similar to shoulder pads. So I started working on a pattern that would work out better for me.

Here are the results. After finishing the collar, I thought awhile on the button placement:

crochet colourful collar

button placement crocheted collar

I chose largest to smallest in the end. Then it was time for sewing and modelling:

kelly-marie mcewan crocodile stitch collar

crocodile stitch collar winter wear

colourful crocheted collar alligator stitch

crocodile stich collar crochet

There is definitely room for improvement in this pattern, it is only the first one I have made. The colours were also fun to work with!

I have been working on a pattern for this, for anyone interested in replicating it. IS anyone actually interested, though?

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