Travelling and making things

I don’t have enough space anywhere to make any serious artworks, but I’ve been busy taking notes.

Also, I have been making things while travelling. Mostly crochet and thumbnail sketches. It is cold-ish in San Francisco, so I made a hat.


And repairs! My partner’s jumper developed a tear, which was easily fixed. And my bag handle snapped in Honolulu, but luckily I had a tiny roll of tape:


Which was exactly the Cobb n’ Co solution I needed to get me to my destination. So far, so good. Travelling while making things is fun!

About kellymarietheartist

Visual artist originally from Australia, travelling the world creating crocheted wearable art and functional textile pieces. Sustainable art and slow fashion made from recycled fabrics, wools and metal. Colourful. Psychedelic. Unique.
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  1. How very lucky you have your crafting skills to make repairs along the way. It is good sometimes not to have everything you need as it really pulls out your creative flare.

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