Artist News / October Links Round Up

Artist News / October Links Round Up

Personal artist news:

Someone snapped a photo of a throw I created, and used it as a title image:

I found an older write up on Brief Encounters on ActorsGreenRoom:

I went wool storming with Elanor Ida Shewring and she took this picture, which is much better than the ones I have from the night:

yarn bombing Elanor Ida Shewring kelly-marie mcewan artist news

Creative artist news:

NAVA is currently running a National Craft Initiative Survey, open until the 31st of October. Are you an Australian artist or crafts practitioner? You might want to have a say here:

Youth Arts Queensland are currently holding applications for their under 30s writing mentorship program. Applications close 28th October, 2013. More information about how to apply here:

Interesting artist news:

Via Buzzfeed; Reading; You’re Doing It Wrong.

Tanya Caunce wrote an interesting article about buying local for TLC Books in Manly:

Manatu Taonga Ministry for Culture & Heritage, New Zealand released a paper on the issues surrounding the economic value of cultural production. It starts with a definition of value as being so much more than a monetary number:

“In economic terms the value of any good (including cultural goods) is normally taken to be the addition to wellbeing (or utility) that arises out of the use of that good. This notion of value is much broader than simple market value or national accounts definitions of value. Any direct or indirect benefit to any individual that arises from an activity is a form of value created by that activity.”

And finishes with some solutions for a compromise between both worlds;

“…cultural and artistic choices are highly subjective and this issue is likely to be particularly severe when it comes to avant-garde activities. While [NZ funding and policy decision makers] advocate the use of economic criteria to allocate resources between the cultural sector and other areas of public spending (such as health care and defence), they argue that the cultural sector itself may be best placed to use its own methods for prioritising support within the sector, taking into account the highly subjective nature of cultural and artistic choices. Moore (1995) also suggests that, within specialised fields, valuation and decision making should take into account the tacit knowledge of experts in the field.”

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