Teasing the Domestic, travelling art exhibitions in 2013

Teasing the Domestic all over Queensland

Getting together various CVs for The Big Trip, which has caused me to pause and note some of the news articles and galleries my works have been mentioned in, that I may have missed over the last twelve months.

Two in particular caught my eye; a May announcement of the Teasing the Domestic exhibition in The John Flynn Flyer (in Cloncurry) and one in the Scenic Rim Regional Council Arts & Culture blog. The latter is for an upcoming November exhibition.

I know Cloncurry is quite a distance from where I live currently, so I asked Maps exactly how far it was, from Cloncurry to Beaudesert.

1,738 kilometres.

Teasing the Domestic distance

According to Google Maps, I can be there in 19 hours
(that’s averaging 90.8km an hour).

For my international readership, and the domestic one, still labouring under the excruciatingly awful imperial measurement system, that distance is also 1085.62 miles. It’s a pretty big chunk of Queensland.

The radius of the moon is smaller than that, at an average of 1737.4km.

So, there you go. Artistically, I don’t get out of the state a lot but this one state is bigger than a lot of countries. So maybe, I could just stop feeling sad sometimes about being a small fish.

We are all small fish in comparison to the state of Queensland.

That place is fucking huge.

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