Pinterest tutorial results, How To Cover Shoes

I tackled a shoe tutorial found on Pinterest a few weeks ago now. It was a tutorial on covering secondhand shoes with a new fabric to give them a new life. It is from the lovemaegan blog, direct link available here. She used a beautiful houndstooth fabric;

original DIY shoe tutorial

Original shoe tutorial image by lovemaegan.

…which I sadly did not have, but I did have some bright green floral patterned stuff, and some very scuffed salmon coloured pumps. For the full tutorial on how to cover shoes, I recommend visiting the lovemaegan blog.

completed shoes

Completed version of my own.

I was getting my car battery changed the other day, and crocheting, and talking to the gentleman changing my battery about Pinterest. I was trying to explain the concept of the site. At the end, he said something that is really sticking with me;

“When all is said and done, more is said than done”

And essentially, yes. There’s so many reasons to pin all of the pictures of the glossy pretties onto various boards, but to what end? So, this really only came about from being determined to actually use some of the tutorials on Pinterest.

So here is the montage of my completed work. Scuffed salmon coloured sensible shoes into bright green fabric sensible shoes:

WIP secondhand shoes tutorial

WIP shots of my salmon coloured secondhand shoes.

With my phone camera I am getting used to taking work in progress photos, and the compilation shots I create in Muzy make sense. Hooray!

Recovered secondhand shoes

New shoe skill!

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