Drawing; new ideas, works in progress.

Drawing, new ideas and works in progress.

Drawing of late. It’s an absorbing process to participate in, and I can feel a mental “dusting off” of skills that were in long-term storage in my brain.



2013-03-06 16.39.10

2013-03-06 18.20.38

2013-03-06 18.46.39

2013-03-06 19.47.43

2013-03-06 20.18.18

2013-01-23 22.41.26

Rose drawing

Rose drawing

I have also been posting a lot of little sketches and thumb nail ideas into my Instagram account, as well as the rest, and oh, there is a lot. This shows the current 9; a series of randomly-chosen subjects drawn with black ink onto a 7.5cmx 7.5cm (that’s 3″x3″, for my counterparts still burdened with the Imperial system) sized note pad.

Instagram screenshot

Instagram screenshot of several recent sketches of mine.

I’m really enjoying this non-commital system of drawing. It’s not ‘A drawing a day’ so much as ‘A drawing when I damn well feel like it’… and I feel like it a lot right now. The paper is so small, I am not afraid of attempting anything (from strange word typography to a soothing mandala to a spooky forest scene), and the pad is like an unsticky post-it, which means I can tear and share (or tear and discard).

Drawing is not my greatest strength. But it’s not my weakest either, and I would like to maintain a kind of plateau of skill that will mean that if I need to draw a picture to get an idea across better, I can. At anywhere, any time, with a calligraphy brush or graphite pencil or a with a stick in the sand at a beach.

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