Events in September-October

Urg…hands hardening up, sore, turning into claws…

Events in September-October don’t look to be slowing down. Here’s what we have so far:

Time for holidays! What are you up to?

The school holiday program that is being run by theGRID hybrid arts collective. School holidays begin in QLD for state schools today! theGRID has classes on in the first week. Click on the image for a larger version to peruse what we do (it’s pretty extensive) and work out which ages can do what.

I have another workshop coming up at Wirraglen. These are held on the third Wednesday of the month and I am currently busy online sourcing tools for the next one. Have it narrowed down to making a pincushion, intro to embroidery and beading.

The beading is not really my idea, but it’s a popular one, and learning hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills is probably more important than a bit of ego and a mild dislike for fiddly beadwork on my part. I have also been given a lot of beads recently, and am happy to see them go. Don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out, stupid beads!

Beads donated recently. So many beads.

 ….but I haven’t decided. I really like embroidery. I like to drawing pictures on cloth with thread. I am currently trying to source inexpensive 10cm hoops online, approximately two dozen. If anyone has some experience bulk purchasing craft supplies and could point me to a few websites, that would be just fantastic.

Last but definitely not least in this round up is this amazing opportunity, extended by Artslink Queensland. You can go here to see their events line up throughout this year and into the next. Teasing the Domestic is the name of the travelling exhibition that will embark early next year for a twelve month (at least) stint in a number of destinations. According to the beautifully laid out page on their site, Teasing the Domestic “proposes a toast to both the hand-made and the home-made, with a strong cup of tea, a hot twist of irony and a cheeky grin.”

I love cheeky grins!

And another feature of this tour is that “the exhibition is accompanied by, amongst other cosy kitchen and crafty resources, a children’s tea party area”, which just sounds so welcoming. Available for booking 2013-2014. Bookings are filling up at a respectable rate so, be quick if you’re interested!

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