Put an arachnid on it.

Sometimes things are very beautiful but they are also very… not boring (never boring!), but less interesting than they could be. This post was originally titled Put a skull on it as I had initally planned to hop on board the candyskull train to Kitsch Town, but I couldn’t find any pictures of skulls that grabbed my attention. That’s on the backburner currently.

Note how mean the bedbug looks. 

Anyway, this image of ticks did. And so, I have begun to use it in a small amount of embroidery, namely, this purse. A Pimp my Wallet, except the wallet won’t cost thousands of dollars (that I obviously couldn’t afford in the first place) for upkeep.

Side view.

…. top view?
Ingredients clockwise from left: diagram, tracing, carbon paper, scissors, sharpener, pencil, thread, quick-unpick, wallet.

First tick.

Placed fairly haphazardly, like actual ticks.
Tick break during lantern time.
I am still tossing up on whether or not to continue the tick pattern around to the other side of the wallet, and a final number of ticks. Also, I now need to find something to do some bedbugs on. I can hear the ghosts of puns past; “OOOOooooOOOoooo say something about a mean bedbug problem in the title of it wOOOOoooOOO….”
And I’ll consider it.

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