Things to do when dealing with critics.

So far, I have been very fortunate. People may have been laughing at my works in the car on the way home after an exhibition, but I have been spared the brunt of a published negative review, so far, I think. Criticism has been delivered during the formation of ideas and final assessment pieces as I went through uni, and although it sometimes would bring me to tears, I like to think I have grown, and can take some criticism on the chin now, even if as it’s being delivered it feels like a slap to the face.
I was led to this reviewers site through that fantastic bitchy craft blog, Regretsy. The story goes, Big Al reviewed a book, pretty positively even. Typos and grammatical errors make me furious.

Two stars, sad face :(.  Putting ourselves out there as creative people is scary, and difficult when something you have worked so hard on is rejected, but let me tell you about the day I learned how to deal with a published criticism (yesterday).

You may feel you were treated unfairly and need to say your piece, but vent to your mum, your partner, your dog!

Posting contradicting reviews on a critics’ site! Classy. Do it some more!
And then there is this:

 Descending into madness here:

And here:


And that’s the time I learned how to respond to criticism. To see the full public relations nightmare unfold, it is here.

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