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Sewing a faux fur muff tutorial

 Sewing a faux fur muff, simple to follow tutorial Found a great tutorial for sewing a faux fur muff via Pinterest. You can find the link here at Ange Marsden’s Creative You! Here is a work in progress and a … Continue reading

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Wearable art works in progress, Creative Tanks update.

Wearable art works, Creative Tanks meetings this week… …and I feel so alive! So, Creative Tanks will be in it’s third year for the 2013 Carnival of Flowers festival in Toowoomba. It will also be my third year in participating … Continue reading

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Crochet flowers, crochet vines, assorted WIPs compilation

  The phrase “when all is said and done, more is said than done” in reference to Pinterest had been haunting me. I love practicality. For the right people, it is much more than a collection of pretty pictures of … Continue reading

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Pinterest tutorial results, How To Cover Shoes

I tackled a shoe tutorial found on Pinterest a few weeks ago now. It was a tutorial on covering secondhand shoes with a new fabric to give them a new life. It is from the lovemaegan blog, direct link available … Continue reading

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Crocheting recently

Crocheting recently has been a hit and miss deal. I’m in the preparation stage, and I’m still hitting my stride working out these floral details. I am having a lot of fun with the crocheting and general arts and craft … Continue reading

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Pinterest was explained to me in a way I’ve understood, and now I have a presence there.

Pinterest is something I have been aware of for some time now, but have held off on joining. It’s something that several people have expressed confusion over; because apparently, my work would fit in well there….? Externally, I’ve seen it … Continue reading

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