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Vintage Erotica

Unusual ladies of vintage photography. Strange, out-of-context pictures from vintage erotica magazines. Continue reading

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Advertising selection in vintage erotica

Advertising in the adult magazines of yesterday. Cigarettes, invisible inflation, whiskey, cowboys and wooing. Continue reading

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Vintage craft book adults

Vintage craft book adults have their shit together a lot better than their youthful counterparts. It’s probably because they chose to be there…but there’s a couple that are just amazing.

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Vintage craft book kids

Vintage craft book kids are a strange lot. I don’t think photographers got as many chances at getting that “perfect” shot of children at play as modern photographers do. So here they are; enjoying their new beanie, wearing smocks, or … Continue reading

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Vintage craft books

Vintage craft books are great. Although, it is really difficult to find a website that will pin down the definite age of a ‘vintage’ book. I have settled on this definition which says that over 25 years old [clothing] can … Continue reading

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