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Woollenings about The Town

Preparations in the drawer at theGRID Here’s a brief retrospect on my activities about The Town in the last six months or so. I would have put them out before, and should have, but making works is a lot more … Continue reading

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Events in September-October

Urg…hands hardening up, sore, turning into claws… Events in September-October don’t look to be slowing down. Here’s what we have so far: Time for holidays! What are you up to? The school holiday program that is being run by theGRID … Continue reading

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Arts based workshops, a wrap up.

 School holdidays at theGRID     Over the last couple of months I have been busy developing and delivering arts based workshops locally. These have been met with mixed success. Overall, I am pretty grateful for the opportunity to practice … Continue reading

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The manager, the artist, the all of it

The last few weeks have been busy. So busy, in fact, that I’ve really got to keep on making works. This will hopefully be a quick post, where I will recap on some recent interesting events and discuss what’s on the horizon. Past:So, … Continue reading

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So, theGRID’s residency is over for me, and the new artists have moved in. I thought it would be nice to have a wee retrospect of what Danish and I (along with Dale Mundi, and Ben Tupas of Oh Darling … Continue reading

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  With the dust of the residency beginning to settle and the works in a place of pride in the MARS gallery of theGRID, life is returning to normal. I have time to reflect, and post a behind-the-scenes montage of … Continue reading

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I’m in…

Really excited to start my first week of artist residency at theGRID hybrid arts collective space. Oh no! Just kidding! I have been sitting on these images for months. It looks like this now: Our room! Classy couches (don’t look … Continue reading

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