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Artist News / October Links Round Up

Artist News / October Links Round Up Personal artist news: Someone snapped a photo of a throw I created, and used it as a title image: I found an older write up on Brief Encounters on ActorsGreenRoom: I … Continue reading

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Snapped: Why I’m Wearing This contribution for ABC Open

Snapped: Why I’m Wearing This Vintage Green Dress ABC Open is asking for contributions for the series Snapped: Why I’m Wearing This. It was so difficult to choose any one particular thing; I went with a dress that is now … Continue reading

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Does art matter? Artists say, yes.

Does Art Matter? …Is the question Benjamin Tupas, a producer for ABC Open posited to artists recently about the creation of art in Toowoomba in the article Art Matters. I was one of the artists, and I was quoted! The … Continue reading

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Short film ‘Toy Shelf’ for Brief Encounters Toowoomba

Short film for Brief Encounters Toowoomba, called ‘Toy Shelf’ This short film is strange without context, so let me set you up a little; it plays at the start of our show, then the stage lights up and it is … Continue reading

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Zine workshop results

Zine workshop I was supposed to post about the results from this event awhile back. Unfortunately, life gets in the way sometimes and I am certainly behind on writing about some recent artist events. Today I am also celebrating having … Continue reading

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Artist images – professionally taken artwork photo gallery

Artist images I have had taken. Not many words today. These are beautiful. Thanks to the USQ Photography team for their amazing images over the last few years, as well as Nerida Tupas.

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Artist Video – round up of short films about own artist perspective

Artist video round up I need to put some metaphoric eggs into a collective basket. These eggs are in the form of some short artist videos about my artist practice and residency at theGRID hybrid arts collective in 2012. The … Continue reading

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Woollenings about The Town

Preparations in the drawer at theGRID Here’s a brief retrospect on my activities about The Town in the last six months or so. I would have put them out before, and should have, but making works is a lot more … Continue reading

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Events in September-October

Urg…hands hardening up, sore, turning into claws… Events in September-October don’t look to be slowing down. Here’s what we have so far: Time for holidays! What are you up to? The school holiday program that is being run by theGRID … Continue reading

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Arts based workshops, a wrap up.

 School holdidays at theGRID     Over the last couple of months I have been busy developing and delivering arts based workshops locally. These have been met with mixed success. Overall, I am pretty grateful for the opportunity to practice … Continue reading

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