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My four favourite podcasts to Helpx to (June 2017)

What I listen to while working in the garden, or painting the house. Continue reading

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Fantastic adventures in beautiful Basque Country, Spain

Recent adventures and fun times assembling yurts and being tourists in Basque Country. Continue reading

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Kelly-Marie and Matthew Collins performing in Brief Encounters (Toowoomba)

Our Brief Encounters Toowoomba performance, August 2013 So, it has obviously been awhile since this film was created, but since all of the travelling, I have not been able to post it until now. I have written about this collaboration … Continue reading

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What is my artwork worth? A awkward discussion about artist wages.

How much is my artwork worth? An opinion regarding paying artists for services rendered. Continue reading

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How to offer unwanted advice

I offer some unwanted, unasked for advice on how to offer unwanted, unasked for advice. Applies to life-changing travel decisions, may work in other areas. Continue reading

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Review of Brief Encounters, Empire Theatre, Toowoomba

Review of Brief Encounters Toowoomba From the Brief Encounters at the Empire Theatre Facebook Page; a great review of the Brief Encounters project that I was a part of, which finished this Saturday weekend. By Amber Gwynne, Arts Writer. Brief … Continue reading

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Arts based workshops reviewed

The other day I had one of my arts based workshops reviewed. According to this small sample, I am pretty much a total boss at arts based workshops. Writing a survey, and choosing targets wisely….less so. But why the review to start … Continue reading

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Gail Grunske, Diane Symes and Carol Oyston; Out of the Box in Crows Nest

Although I spend a bit of time at the CNRAG, I obviously don’t pay that much attention to the upcoming events as it was with surprise that I greeted the new textiles-based exhibition that is up for the month of April. I … Continue reading

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Suzkel Harjester: a recipe for artworks.

 Timms’ Introduction  What is the difference between an everyday object and a work of art? An exhibition at the Southern Queensland Institute of TAFE by local artist collective Suzkel Harjester attempts to describe the difference between the two … Continue reading

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Things to do when dealing with critics.

So far, I have been very fortunate. People may have been laughing at my works in the car on the way home after an exhibition, but I have been spared the brunt of a published negative review, so far, I … Continue reading

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